Sprinkle Up Your Taste Buds - Nutworks Gourmet Sprinkles Range

Sprinkle up your taste buds
As a food blogger, recipe developer and local food ambassador I am so excited about the NEW Gourmet Sprinkle range from Nutworks found in Queensland Woolworths Stores Stores and made right here on the Sunshine Coast.
Nutworks have brought me on board to promote this delicious new product range.
This Sprinkles range has me excited. Nutworks are well known for having natural and healthy high quality ingredients and with these products even the simplest dish can become extraordinary from just one of these packets of flavour.

For example my Savoury Smokey Zucchini Herb Muffins with cream cheese frosting came alive with the Gourmet Sprinkles. Just by adding the Nutworks Texas Smoked Sprinkles the muffins have instant wow factor.

The Gourmet Sprinkle Range has been a conceptual idea for some time. In 2013 Nutworks created the original flavours and held a focus group for invited foodie and local business guests to come and taste the original and first trials of these sprinkles. The sprinkles were well received.  Over the next year and a half the recipes were refined, trialled and improved. At the same time Nutworks team were pitching the concept to the market. Finally at the end of 2014 the Gourmet Sprinkle Range was accepted as part of a 1 year contract into selected Queensland Woolworths Stores.

An exciting development for local food on the Sunshine Coast indeed.
What I absolutely love about the Gourmet Sprinkles range is how they not only taste sensational but how healthy they are for you as well.

Nuts are very important in a well-rounded diet. The diversity of flavours within the sprinkle range ensures that there is an opportunity at every meal to get the recommended serve of nuts for your daily intake. Research shows that nuts reduce your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and can help with weight management.

And these ranges are just using natural ingredients and spices to create outstanding flavours.
Sprinkles are perfect for busy multi-tasking mums and families. Great for creating an outstanding dish for a dinner party, an event or just delicious family dinners without all the hassle of trying to perfect flavour combinations and spending heaps of time in the kitchen.
With flavour ranges of:
·      Texas Smoked Almond
·      Asian Cashew
·      Mushroom, Rosemary Walnut
·      Lime Pepper Cashew
·         Banana Coconut Boost
·         Raspberry Crumble Boost
·         Lime Coconut Boost
·         Apple and Cinnamon Boost

The Sprinkles Gourmet Range has a flavour combo to make any meal or snack outstanding.
I am really looking forward to working with Nutworks, a local food producer that I love to promote this range and craft some stunning recipes around them so stay tuned to the blog, newsletter and facebook and Instagram for more information and recipes!!
And if your wanting to try the ranges yourself they are even currently on special at Woolworths stores until the 19/09/2015

Check out the hash tags to find out what others are doing with the sprinkles and share your own ideas and recipes!

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#nutsforsprinkles #cookingwithBek 

I am currently working as a paid product ambassador for Nutworks with their new Gourmet Sprinkles range, all opinions however are my own.
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