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Introducing a NEW segment on the blog >>>> BOOKCLUB!!

This is NEW and a great way to not only find out about great new books out there but ALSO to support our amazing authors!

As an author myself I just love to meet and support other authors.
As an avid reader I also know how a great book can steal your heart, take your sleep, run you through all your emotions and leave you with a book hangover...
A love of reading is a life skill to treasure forever.
If you don't love reading, I say you just haven't tried the right book for you yet!

This week I am delving into the some adrenaline rushing, (note to self - don't read late at night or you wont sleep), reading of new Qld author JM Peace's thrilling new crime release, A Time To Run.

Before having children I loved a good horror or thriller. I had long exhausted Steven King, Dean R Koontz, Clive Barker...since becoming a mum a well written and fast paced scary book has taken the adrenaline rush to a whole new level so it is something I only do on the odd occasion now!

Not only was I incredibly excited when I learned my amazing friend JM Peace was having her first book published but when I read the start of A Time To Run, I knew it was going to be one of those occasions.One of those books on the HAVE TO READ pile.
And so it has been. Gripping, fast paced, and intelligent with a main character you take to right away.

A Time To Run is written by police officer and busy mum turned writer JM Peace who I have interviewed for you with my first bookclub post!

Q. Jay, you are an incredibly strong woman and inspiring role model for women, first as a police officer and now as a published author. You book's main character is a strong woman and you yourself have a daughter, what piece of advice would you give to mums of young girls hoping to raise strong women?
A. 'Be brave. I don't mean wrestling crocodiles or disarming bombs, but do the things that make you apprehensive or nervous. Just have a red-hot go at whatever comes your way. Don't be scared to fail. Failure doesn't mean the end. And let your children see this. Regardless if you succeed or fail - most of all, let them see you try.'

Q. You juggle writing with work, two active children and running a household. How do you manage to keep all the balls in the air?
A. I think I’ve become quite good at time management. I try to be organised and ready ahead of time. My mother is a very efficient and practical person and I think I learnt a lot from her.
 Also, as the writer side of things has started to take off, I pretty much watch no TV. The evenings after the kids are in bed are when I get most of my writing done. So although I enjoy TV and movies, I’ve set my priorities and stick with it. It’s important to me, so I find the motivation because I want to.

Q. What do your children think about you being a police officer? Or a writer?
A. My kids have always been proud of the fact that mummy is a police officer. All their school friends know, kids often run up to me in the school yard (I never go to the school in uniform) and ask “Are you really a police officer?” As far as I can tell, there has been nothing negative for them having a cop as a parent. I am very alert to the fact that this will change at some point.
The kids are only just starting to grasp the whole writer thing in the last few weeks – firstly, once they could hold a copy in their hands and secondly, now that I have appeared a couple of times in the local media. My son has apparently told his class that I am famous.  Hmm. 

Q. What made you start writing now?
A. I decided I no longer wanted to be a police officer. I gave a lot of thought on what I should do, such as going back to Uni, and eventually decided I should try to do exactly what I had always wanted to do – be a writer.
One of the reasons I chose writing is it was potentially something I could do from home, setting my own hours. I try to make my family my priority and I don’t like missing events in my childrens’ lives. Although they may seem like little things, they are so important to the kids at the time and you just can’t get those moments back. It’s tricky trying to tick all the boxes as a working mum.

You can find A Time To Run in all good Australian bookstores.

Thank you for your time Jay, and for the sleepless nights and pondering of visiting Bunnings to buy much bigger deadlocks for my doors now hahaha!!
But seriously, congratulations on such a well crafted book, it is exciting to read and I know you are going to really quickly find an avid fan base following and be the next big writing thing!

NOTE of interest: Jm Peace is the author's pseudonym who is still a current serving police officer in Queensland.
Which only adds to the magnificent mystery and excitement of the book!!

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