The Sunshine Coast Show

I am such a huge fan of the Sunshine Coast Show, it is by far one of my favourite events on the coast and such an incredible day out for the whole family.

I was back again doing a cooking presentation this year

and this time it was marigold biscuits and bliss balls

Get the super simple 4 ingredient only recipe HERE 
A home-made deliciously healthy box of chocolates!
Not only do I enjoy being a part of such a huge community event but I love to make a whole day of it too with my kids. I love an agricultural show and the Sunshine Coast pulls out all stops to put on a massive one! We were dazzled by dancing troupes, fashion parades, fabulous food, local produce displays, cooking entries, art entries, hibiscus flowers the size of dinner plates, face painting, animals, petting zoo and pony rides, hands on snake shows, snake cuddles, star chickens, horse jumping, wood chopping, motor bike stunts, car parades, fireworks and hours of fun on rides and sideshow alley.
If your anywhere from Brisbane to Bundaberg, and especially if you are on the Sunshine Coast like me put the dates 12  14 th June 2015 in your diary for this event next year! Honestly it is wonderful.
 My favourite part!
 BLACK raw honey!!
 Sunshine Coast Beekeepers

We went to the Ekka and the Sunshine Coast Show one year and compared the two big events and the result was the kids loved the Sunshine Coast Show better!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Sunshine Coast Show and their publicist Sandra Conte and my ingredient sponsors Jeffers Market and Nutworks.

Bek xx


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