Fitness in Style - Lorna Jane & Fitness First Competition

When I was first working out and walking off my baby weight after my first daughter (I had a lot to lose) I had  the daggiest exercise clothes and didn't even have sneakers! Before becoming a mum exercise just hadn't ever been important to me, so I naturally had no workout gear!
Yes, I had some bad habits like moving the car one block up when shopping and circling the shopping centre car park for a park close to the doors...and then I became a mum and everything changed.
Dealing with Post Natal Depression exercise was my lifeline. It helped me in so many ways that I can probably never fully explain and of course losing 30 kilo's felt pretty darn great too!

I started walking in skirts and things for lack of better equipment and while I got by and while it never stopped me working out (gotta love determination when you get some!) I couldn't help but dream of how great it would feel to wear really stylish and fun exercise clothes and go to a gym in them, have a chai with girlfriends post workout and look sporty and freshly vibrant from working out, you know the glow you get!

The first time I reluctantly bought myself something really nice (non daggy and old) that was actually exercise clothes I was so surprised by how good it made me feel, how comfortable it was, yet stylish and evenb perky! And then the realization that, actually hey I do exercise a lot and even pretty much every day so even just one or two really great outfits or pieces could really change how confident I will feel and make me feel more a part of the gorgeous and fit and healthy exercise community!
Even inspire me more to push myself to new challenges and goals that you get when you workout with trainers, and yes, not long after that first sports bra, trainers and leggings I joined a gym and fell in love with the whole workout world!

I am so excited that I am teaming up with leading gyms and fitness industry entrepenurs Fitness First to give one of my blog readers the chance for some serious Fitness Inspiration and Styling with a $200 Lorna Jane gift voucher to get some sassy goodies that they can then wear to their very own really exciting Fitness First  Pay As You Go -10 Visit Passport Pass classes valued at $150!! PLUS I am throwing in a signed copy of my award winning book, The Pram Diet Random House RRP $19.95 as seen on A Current Affair

How awesome is that! So not only do you get a great gym pass so you can try some really funky workouts and classes - they even have pro cycling classes and special 30 minute workouts so you can squeeze one in, in your lunch break or in one of those free spots in your busy mummy day!
You can hit the gym looking sensational in some very hot Lorna Jane gear!
Talk about inspiration to work out!

Be inspired. Be true to you. Do more of what makes you happy. Cherish and Nurture Your Health - it is everything!!
Bek XX

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Note: you must be an Australian resident and you must leave a blog post comment about Fitness, Inspiration, Your Fitness Goals or Dreams or Why you would like to win to be eligible.
this is in no way endorsed by, sponsored by or affiliated with facebook in any way.


  1. I would love to win this prize as I discovered and was horrified that while training at my gym with my PT, I had my cheap target leggings on, come home to my fiancée telling me you could see right through them and could see my underware!! I had been going to the gym for about 4 months at this stage and had only just been told :/ some nice new gym clothes would be fantastic hahaha :)

  2. Hi Bek,
    Fitness for me, is just that- it is for ME! When I first started working out a few years ago I was doing it to look better for others, to have more energy for others, to be what someone else wanted me to be. And not so surprisingly I stopped! I couldn't lose weight how I wanted, I wasn't beginning to look like the image people had of me, and I wasn't acting like the person I wanted to be! I started trying to better myself for the wrong reasons, and it led me to stop for the wrong reasons!

    Fast forward a few years and I decided once again to start working out, but this time I re-evaluated why I wanted to change! This time I wanted to do it for me! This way there was no pressure, no time frame, just me, my mind and my body! And as it turns out not stressing about working out is the best thing you can do and the weight started falling off and I started gaining muscle. Doing it FOR ME was the best thing I could do. I gained confidence, I gained energy, and overall I started looking at things differently.

    Fitness is for you, and only you can change your body! Too much pressure from others, in my experience, definitely affects your results and attitudes towards healthy and fitness!!

    1. I just love this Penny, you truly are such an inspiration!

  3. What a great Competition. I am in a runners slump at the moment. I was training for the Gold Coast Marathon but injured my back so have had to stop running at the moment which is very disappointing as not being able to reach my goal. I am in need of some new motivation and I think Fitness First Gym would be great to start some new fitness classes and also a New Lorna Jane outfit would be fantastic and make me feel good. Exercise is such a big part of my life so I now just have to make new goals for the future.

    1. Oh how frustrating!!
      And I totally get that - I have been there :)
      God luck!

  4. My name is Natalie, I am the owner of Mumma's Mission FB page.
    This page is about motivation, fitness health and living a happy life.and it's a hobby and fun for me.
    Being a woman that never ever did any sport for over 36 years, its just such a different approach to life, and especially to myself. Pushing myself to the limit was never my thing, and I recon going onto my 40thies I am starting to take my life onto another level of satisfaction and discovery of myself, my limits and my ability to do things.Sport for me now is like a metaphor of life, you give up, you wont achieve anything or see results. If you don't push yourself , you will always stay on the same level.
    My first approach to exercise about 4 years ago wasn't just hitting me like a bomb, it took me a couple of months to get into it and adapt.
    Changing to another gym and taking my Fitness to a different level where you actually need to have your endorphin kick and the great support was a great move.
    I started to take a personal trainer to give me the best opportunity to loose the extra weight and to assist me with toning and getting stronger.
    I always thought that taking a Personal Trainer would be for the "already Fit " People. I would have never thought that I could do what they are doing!
    And there I was, doing it!
    God it hurts, and sometimes I nearly vomit and I want to cry, but the results are just to good no ignore.
    Before I started to go to the gym I weighed 75kg, then before starting intensive Training I weighed about 65 kg and now I weigh 60 kg and I think this is just what it is.
    I like to inspire people with my story, I want to tell them that I was not motivated at all at first, I had my doubts and falls, but if you get up again and try all over, you will get there adventualy and it's all worth it.
    This all should be reason enough for me to win this competition, don't you think?
    Xx Natalie

  5. Ive struggled with depression for some time and my health has really taken a knick back for far too long. Im slowly coming to the realization and acceotance that taking care of and loving myself is not selfish and I shouldnt feel guilty and that im worth it!! I would love to win this and make a fresh start to a brighter happier healthier and fitter future! :) thanks for the chance Bek x

  6. I have 7 kilos to lose as I am breastfeeding. It will not shift while I continue to feed her and some will drop off when I stop. I need some inspiration to get fit! I am not finding the time or the motivation (and maybe that's the breastfeeding hormones saying that), but I just don't have the spring in my step I had. I would love to win this though - I think I would feel very motivated if I looked the part! I currently walk in my everyday clothing which looks seriously daggy - such a Mum!!

  7. I had my first little girl over 9 months ago now and I am wanting to finally get to my goal weight of 70kgs. At the start of my journey it was to drop 40kgs by the end of this year - I have lost 4.2kgs in the first month and I would love this pack to push me along and motivate me some more. Since starting my journey I have been in the gym day in day out, walking with my little one in the pram and having a complete clean diet. Unfortunately I am not fitting into everyday normal clothes and in the plus size option so I would love to be able to work towards fitting into LJ clothes and trying out a new gym!

  8. What a fantastic competition! Well, I will be having a baby in 4 weeks time and it will be my last baby. I didn't lose all my baby weight with my last two pregnancies and so with my third and last I will be working hard to slowly lose at least 30kgs. It usually takes me 18months to 2 years to lose most of the weight but I will have a 17 month gap between my second child and my third which meant I couldn't focus on any weight loss goals in that time. This competition would be awesome for me because it would give me the motivation to get moving, eat well and still look good at the same time in my Lorna Jane fitness gear. I've had to stop my job as a plumber to focus on being a mum and I have developed some bad tradie habits with my food choices so i would ove to read your book to get inspiration in the kitchen too. The most healthy approach to my weight loss is that it will need to be gradual and long term because I don't want the kgs to creep back on when I'm busy with three kids. :)

  9. I started working out at the beginning of the year just cardio though and have progressed over the past few months to resistance training 3 times a week now. My biggest goal is to be able to do 20 push ups on my toes!!!! OMG it is so hard my abs are great my legs are getting good but my arms... so not there yet!!

  10. My goal is to transform from ash-covered Cinderella to the belle of the ball! Being outfitted at Lorna Jane is the dress and carriage, the Fitness First passport my invitation to the Royal Ball and the copy of the Pram Diet my magical shoes that make all the difference... Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

    Thanks for the chance!

  11. I desperately need this because to be honest, I am still carrying baby weight from three years ago.

  12. I would just like to be able to get fit again. I really miss exercising and the way it makes me feel. My goal is small baby steps to start.

  13. Being a stay at home mum money is tight so my workout clothes are mainly hand me downs or old and need replacing with ones that fit properly. However this doesn't stop me from getting out there a few times a week and having a go at getting fit and healthy for the sake of my family.

  14. I'm planning to start training to run my next half or the marathon (maybe end of year).I was training but all my plans were put on hold after surgery in February to remove a malignant tumour /sarcoma from my left thigh and then radiation. I want to fundraise for National Breast Cancer Foundation, World Vision and Cancer Council alternate runs - I've done 2 City to Sufy as Gold charity runner and raised $1000 each time.
    Hopefully, I'm good to run again next week after my leg heals fully (radiation burns)

  15. Honestly, fitness has always been something that has been a struggle for me. And gym's have been sooooo intimidating. But I need to lose 30kgs after having my second bub 18 months ago. And I need to ward off that PND as well. This would be a great prize!

  16. I'd love some of those LJ singlets with motivational messages on them. They are just what I need, along with some visits to FF, to help me prepare for my first half marathon later this year!

  17. I am a mum of four and have always been fit and healthy, but of late I am struggling with all aspects, from eating right through to exercising! I hate the way I look and feel and really want to get back to a healthy weight range, since putting 15kgs on. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing prize!

  18. My main fitness goal is to get back to running 10km in under an hour. I went for my first run in (mumbles incoherently) years recently, and was pleasantly surprised to make 2km and follow-up with a 1km cool down. Thought I'd struggle to run 500m.

  19. My fitness goal is to make a routine of running 5k three times a week and join gym on weekends. This will set an example for my kids to stay active as well..


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