She taught me Joy & a Closer to Nature Soother Giveaway

It was a thought that had followed me around when I was pregnant with my second daughter, "will I ever love you as much as I love my first baby, how does this work?." I was plagued with worry and guilt on the thought, after all I had 5 years of cuddles, bedtime stories, tickles and mummy and me moments with my Lily flower. I had watched my tiny baby grow into a tall, curly haired happy little girl, I knew I loved my little peanut as I called my little bump. I rubbed my tummy just as before, I talked to my bump. I bought too cute clothes and all the tiny things that make you awww...
But I worried also, could my heart grow to hold even more love? Was that even possible?

When she decided to come into the world it was in a determined way, 1 &1/2 hours from start to finish, barely making it to hospital and with a midwife yelling we have a baby coming and a few pushes and there you were. Wriggly, beautiful, perfect. My heart melted and then I knew, aaah your heart does truly grow, it really does.

And in one special moment you taught me what life was really all about.

You taught me JOY.Real in the moment, deep within your soul joy.

Such a peaceful little soul, you had the hospital nurses cooing over you and me smiling all day long and life felt good but when my big girl came in to meet you and burst into the biggest smile of love herself for you I felt like the whole world had stopped and I was living in a real life miracle. Holding you in one arm and her in the other, pride, love, contentment.
Oh wow if I could have paused my life right then and recorded that moment...

I remember thinking this is bliss. Right here this is what life is really all about, not money or wealth, fame or status. Not houses and careers, not travel and accomplishments. They were all incredible, wonderful things but right here in my arms, my two beautiful new little souls. You were what life was really about. You made me see the world anew. See myself anew.
You taught me joy.

I knew then in my heart that my life no matter what, regardless of bends and twists, good times and not so good, my life actually, truly is amazingly wonderful and perfect just for me. 

Now everytime life gets a little stressful, a little busy or I get a little tired, or even become that yelling worn out mum we can all become sometimes, frustrated or dismayed I stop and just hold you, my littlest daughter and I know then what I am doing everything for, I know in that hug, where you turn your face up to mine and our eyes meet, I know right then that everything is better than OK, everything is actually wonderful.  

Share your own special mummy moment or something that is special that you do with your baby/kids in a comment on this blog and you could WIN an amazing Closer To Nature prize pack!

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Winner has 2 weeks to claim prize of their will be a redraw.
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  1. I too just had my second baby, another gorgeous girl. I was worried sick that I would not have enough love to share... but you really get a whole new bank full of love, don't you?

    I make sure that I still spend quality time with my 3 year old when her sister i sleeping. I already worry that it will change when Moo is sleeping less.

    My special time though, is first thing in the morning when Dora comes in with her pillow and squeezes me with sleepy cuddles. We snuggle in bed until we're both awake. It's the best start to the day :)

  2. And you know what, the love just keeps on growing the more you have. Children really are a blessing, my littlest has an amazing way of cheering me up as well. Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  3. Little Miss has taught me how to slow down and enjoy the little moments. A new word learnt, a cuddle and kiss for no reason .... special memories :)

  4. Isn't it funny how we all worried we couldn't love the second as much as the first, and yet the love doesn't just double, but somehow multiplies. They are the most amazing little people.


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