Cooking for the Sunshine Coast on the Great South East TV show

CLICK to watch me cook on the Great South East!
I love to cook and I love fresh ingredients. I love seasonal ingredients, organic ingredients, unusual, heirloom, traditional and especially, local ingredients!
Where I live on the Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia there is an incredible amount of talented producers, farmers, real food loving sellers and cafes and food product entrepreneurs!

For 12 months I produced delicious, unique and real food inspired recipes all featuring outstanding local products for local supermarket Maleny Supa IGA and a local products local recipes - recipe card series, and every month put on a tantalizing taste testing event for the public! They are an amazing supermarket promoting and supporting local businesses and producers.

I also did a local food love tour around the Sunshine Coast and cooking demonstrations at the Cooroy Fusion Festival, Sunshine Coast Show, Real Food Festival and 9 libraries.
I also loved doing my own fresh local food column series in WHY Fitness Matters magazine, again featuring local and also seasonal produce.
See me hear launching the recipe cards and talking about why it is such an incredible thing to do, eat local!
I think it is something very exciting when you start to discover wonderful local food producers and products where you live, not only is it living more sustainability by buying local products you are supporting your local community, local farmers, local jobs, even your local economy.

On the Sunshine Coast?
You can catch me cooking live at this year's Sunshine Coast Show on June 14th and at 4 FREE wholefood cooking events you can get all the details and book HERE (until booked out)

What are some of my FAVOURITE food producers from the Sunshine Coast?
Olives Direct
Maleny Dairies
Gourmet Afrika
Noosa Chocolate Factory
Buderim Ginger factory
Chic Nuts
Gourmet Garden
Queensland Yoghurt
Maleny Cheese
Noosa Chilli
Ct Fine Foods Pastas
Gluten Free Grain Free co
Maleny Avocado Oil
Suncoast Limes
Kenilworth Country Foods and Cheeses
Essential Grain
Crystal Waters Sourdoughs
Fairtrade & Organic Montville Coffee
Planet Organic

There are so many more than this list too and of course SO many wonderful local farmers, fresh produce growers, organic growers, fresh free range eggs, local raw honey, markets, home baked goodies and more.

Happy Cooking!
Eat Beautiful. Live Well. Be Active. Live Happy.

Bek XX


  1. Love your recommendations, Bek :)

  2. Hmmm. So I just read this post after stuffing my face with sugar-and-additive-riddled Easter Eggs and I feel absolutely disgusted with myself. THANKS! :P haha!! Go you, cooking on TV! -Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

    1. Hey don't feel guilty :)
      I am quite the chocohoic myself hehehe!
      This was my first no sugar Easter!

  3. Finally! You Can Now Amaze Your Friends And Relatives With Your Newly-found Cooking Finesse!
    You Now Have A Complete Guide That Shows You How To Put More Excitement Into Your Cooking
    And Have A Real Blast Every Time You Enter The Kitchen!

  4. Wow Bek - you have incredible tips (and thanks so much for the personal suggestions!!) Will have to check out your awesome book (you've achieved so much fantastic publicity for it, would love to hear your tips for that too!)

    1. Thanks Jen! Love your blog, great to connect X

  5. Well done Bek! You've done so much fabulous work :)


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