Delicious Avocado & Coconut Muffins

I still remember the very first time my mother made me avocado muffins. I remember thinking she was mad, until I ate one! The delicious, nutty flavour was so nice and they were not too sweet like muffins can sometimes be.
It is drizzling with rain here where I live on the Sunshine Coast so a batch of these warm from the oven is a just perfect for filling the house with warmth and oh so yummy smells this morning X

Avocado & Coconut Muffins
These healthy, nutty flavoured muffins are packed full of goodness.
·        2 ripe avocados
·        ½ cup coconut oil, softened (or use butter)
·        1 free range egg
·        ¼ cup LSA mix
·        ¼ cup hazelnut meal
·        ¼ cup desiccated coconut
·        ¼ cup honey
·        1 teaspoon chia seeds
·        1 cup soy, dairy, almond or rice milk
·        1 & ½ cups organic self raising flour
·        ¼ cup shredded coconut
·        ¼ cup dark coconut sugar
·        muffin cases

·        Pre heat oven to 180`c.
·        Line a muffin tray with muffin cases.
·        Blend avocado, coconut oil and honey together until smooth.
·        Pour into a bowl and add in LSA, chia seeds, hazelnut meal, desiccated coconut, milk and egg, mix together.
·        In a separate small bowl combine the shredded coconut and coconut sugar together
·        Gently mix flour through avocado mixture, being very careful not to over mix it, add a little extra milk if needed.
·        Fill muffin cases approximately ¾ full of muffin mix.
·        Top each muffin with a little of the coconut/sugar mix.
·        Bake for approximately 15 minutes or until golden on top and springs back lightly to the touch.

·       * Easily made Dairy Free for allergies/vegan
*Swap coconut oil for organic butter for a richer flavour
·        *You can add almond, walnut or macadamia pieces for a really scrumptious muffin
·        *When losing weight make these into mini muffins using a miniature muffin tray, great to have for afternoon tea
Avocado’s are a great natural source of vitamin c, are high in fibre, wonderful for skin and eye health, are a source of vitamin e and powerful antioxidants, are very beneficial during pregnancy and an important part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Recipe and photography © RebeccaMugrigde2013
This recipe was featured in WHY Fitness magazine


  1. Oh yum! They look divine and just what I feel like right NOW :)

  2. Wow, these look fantastic! I've never baked with avocado before, will rectify this over the weekend!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Love to hear how you go X

  3. Oh wow, I can't tell you how excited I am about baking with avocado! I will definitely be giving these a go. Love your site too - will spend some time exploring later today. Happy discovery from #FYBF

    1. Thank you Carolyn!! Let me know if you make them, the avocado gives them the most scrummiest flavour Xx

  4. These really caught my eye! What a delicious combo! I am pinning these to try! Would love you to share them over here:

  5. What an amazing combination. I love using avocado in cooking as a substitute. I think these will be a must to cook this weekend. Thanks for sharing

    1. Me too Kira!
      Love to hear if you make them XX

  6. I have so bookmarked these!! Avo and coconut are my two most favourite things. I LOVE the little rose cupcake holders too - so cute. xx

    1. they would be two of mine too Robyn! And I am so in love with cute cases :D

  7. I'm not a fan of hot or cooked avo but I'll take your word for it that they are tasting! I am a sucker for coconut anything though x

    1. These just have a nice coconutty nutty flavour so you should be right :)

  8. These are delicious Bek - made them this afternoon, although I substituted almond meal for hazelnut meal. Really lovely and moist. Thanks for this.

    1. Awesome Kathy!
      So happy you liked them! XX

  9. They're so cute- I love their little floral cases. They look very pretty!

  10. These muffins sound sooo delicious. And healthy too. I want one of the muffins packed full of Australian goodness.

  11. what an interesting concoction avocado is something i still have not tried but these do look amazing x

  12. These look delicious and you have some interesting ingredients!


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