3 best herbs for skin health & Clear Conscience Soap co.

Nurture yourself and feel beautiful with these top tips from Katie Lee Grech of the beautiful natural company, Clear Conscience Soap Co.

3 Best Herbs For Skin Health
Applied topically, these herbs can have your skin soft and glowing with health. Fill a jar with the herb and pour in boiling water to fill. Leave it steep overnight then strain the herbal water into a spray bottle. Store it in the fridge to keep it fresh. You can spritz this onto your skin to enjoy the herb benefits!
The calming benefits of lavender are famous for easing you into sleep, but did you know that it also calms your skin? It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial, meaning that you can use it to calm down skin rashes and acne sores.
2.     Calendula
Calendula is growing in popularity for its skin healing benefits. It’s very gentle and recommended for dry skin types, where itching and eczema are a problem. Plus you can add some lemon to the mix and spritz it through your hair to create blonde highlights.
3.     Rose
Saving the best for last, the most popular floral water for skin health. I personally use this one when I have problem skin on my face. My skin type is oily, but still for some reason I get dry scales on my face from time to time. Rose water gets rid of it completely.

There is simply no need to be spending hundreds of dollars a year on skincare, when you can find these beautiful products for free in nature – enjoy!

Thank you so much Katie for sharing your expert advice!

I recently had the absolute delight or reviewing some of Katie's beautiful products from her Clear Consceince Soap Co Range, for many years I have been focusing on eating really healthy, living an active healthy life and detoxing my home from chemicals and toxins but skin and hair care and make-up has I am sorry to say been an area I have only recently really been making a priority!!

After all isn't it crazy to be passionate about food and well-being only to use whatever on your skin?Hair? Toxic make-up? Chemical cocktail hair products?

My oldest daughter has very curly hair that drys out and knots really easily and also cops a lot of product use due to ballet classes and to detangle so we were absolutely delighted with the effects of using the lovely natural conditioner and beer soap in her hair.
To get great results, naturally is a very exciting thing indeed.

We were at first a little nervous and yes, I got some faces from the kids about "beer" shampoo and it being in a soap bar form rather than a liquid from a bottle but the results spoke for themselves and I would happily recommend the products from this range and use them again on my own and my children's hair and skin.

You can check out their entire range HERE
And check them out on FACEBOOK as well HERE

A healthy life is healthy, beautiful, true living life in all aspects of your life.
Be well, shop well, live well, choose well.

Bek XXX 


  1. I have been meaning to try some natural hair treatments thanks for the tip. Amy

  2. These are wonderful tips you've shared. I should definitely try the natural lavender and rose concoctions. Your daughter's hair looks wonderful.
    Visiting from UBC,

    1. Thanks Francene, I was delighted to be able to share them thanks to Katie! My daughters hair has really responded to the shampoo and conditioner, so has mine really :) But hers is much nicer! X

  3. Thanks very much for the great tips. I love the sound of your hair treatments!

  4. THank you Bek for this! My daughters both have curlyish hair and they are always searching for better ways to take care of it. This company sounds wonderful, as do their products!

    1. Curly hair is a challenge isn't it!
      I love that I feel safer knowing her hair is not covered in chemicals too XX

  5. hmmmm great thanks Bek, I'll have to look into this some more. Interesting! xx
    Hows that new book coming along? :)

    1. I am moving house soon and as soon as I do it is back on the priority list! :)

  6. I have to admit we only wash kids hair once a week, due to fear of nits! But thanks for list!

  7. Oh, thank you so much for these wonderful tips! I will glady share this with my friends.


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