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How excited are we when we first learn to do it, the mums and dads who read this will remember the utter joy of those first few steps our babies take. Then they are off, walking, running, hopping, dancing with the utter delight and joy that is thee human body, their own body moving in such magnificent ways.

And then for some reason, as we reach adulthood we turn on the miracle that is walking and tell ourselves it is tedious and time consuming and in the can't be bothered basket. We lose fitness, we might even gain weight or gain lazy habits like circling the car park until we can find a really close park, rather than just walking from the back edges.
We might even take to driving to the local shop or school when really we could walk it, we might even occasionally re-park the car a block up when out shopping when truly that could have just been walked.

After my first baby, Lily I re-discovered the joy that is walking. And not just walking to get from A to B but also walking for enjoyment. What started out as walking to lose the babyweight (all 40 kilos of it!) became the tool that got me through Post Natal Depression, led me down the path of health and wellness and writing my very first ever book about my journey and experiences, The Pram Diet.

Walking is wonderful. It really is and somewhere along the line it gets a bad rap but it truly is one of the best ways to get more active, exercise with your kids everyday, exercise if you have a lot of weight to lose until you can handle other forms, kick start a new fitness routine and help ease depression and stress.

It is easy to start, even just around an average block or it can be a challenging fun exercise like a 12 km bush or national park hike. It can be as gentle or as full on as you chose.

For me I like to do a good 3-5 km pram walk when I can after a school drop off, I like to do a gentle stroll on the beach or with the kids around the neighborhood in the late afternoon when the birds and noisy and active, making the kids laugh and I love to take the kids on a hike into nature most weekends, up a mountain, to a waterfall, visiting national parks.

I re-found my joy of walking  and I am so glad I did!

To celebrate the joys of walking I am able to help you with your walking with a $30 voucher for some gorgeous new walking shoes at Paul's Warehouse!

How cool is that!

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Happy walking,

Bek XX

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  1. I'm enjoying the return to school this year because it's getting me walking there and back with the kids, which feels like nothing but is good movement and fresh air!

  2. Walking is the perfect "me time" .. fresh air and the feeling of escaping. It doesn't need any special equipment and can be fitted into any time frame and fitness level. LOVE IT

  3. I'm about to kick start my weight loss after my second baby and your blog posts are hugely helpful! I can't wait to get walking!!

  4. so true, Bek, humans are designed to stroll, in my opinion! I walked my baby weight off, too. Not intentionally, it just happened that way. I've made sure my kids are good walkers too, one day soon, we plan to take them on a mini hike and I have great visions of the while family doing day-ling treks in amazing places!

  5. I know what you mean! My kids are both walkers.
    My 3 year old has made it up Mt Coolum, ( I was prepared to be carrying her and she was never made to keep going at any point) and on a family hike to a waterfall in Mapleton that was 9 &1/2 km there and back. We did have a big rest and picnic in the middle and dragged the pram the whole way (including down stone steps yikes!) but she wanted to walk and walk she did!! Made sure that both kids got a good rest the next day and an epsom salt bath just in case ;)
    It is so good for us :)

  6. I would love this book as I still have some weight to lose after my pregnancy and my goal for 2014 is to do just that :)


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