Is 2014 the year for your book? And a writers link up!

In celebration of Australia day something I know I can do to support my fellow inspirational Australians is to read some fantastic Aussie books, to buy Australian books for gifts this year, to visit the library, read new authors, encourage others I know to read Australian books and give books as gifts. As an author myself I know how important it is to get behind our great talented writers out there.
We have such talented writers here in Australia covering everything from fast paced fiction, romance, scientific works, non fiction, parenting, self help and one of my favourite subjects, all things food!

And of course many great writers still yet to be discovered too, maybe one of these is you?!
Have you always dreamed of being a writer?
Do you have a manuscript but not sure what steps to take next?
Are you passionate about writing?
The start of an exciting new year is bursting full of opportunities, if you have always wanted to write, always wanted to publish your work or get published, make this your year to go for it!

I am delighted to be able to share some fantastic TIPS from very amazing writers!
Melanie Avery is a very successful Award Winning Author, Presenter, Guest Speaker, Blogger.
Her books are a breath of fresh air in the food genre, helping families enjoy life and navigate the harmful additives that have crept into our supermarkets and into our trolleys, homes and children's bodies.
Visit her website to find out more about these incredible books:
LIKE her on Facebook

Thank you Melanie for sharing your writing tips with us today!

My top 3 tips for writing your own book:
1.       Always write with integrity, honesty and passion. When you are passionate about what you do – what you believe in, the writing comes easily and from an honest place. Write to share your passion not to sell a book.
2.       If the ideas aren’t flowing, walk away and come back later. Trying to force something just doesn’t work and your writing won’t sound like you. It’s okay to have a break.
3.       Work with people who ‘get’ your idea behind your book. Whether it is a designer, editor or publisher, if they truly believe in you and your message then the end product will reflect this. 

Melanie's books:
Let’s Party! Additive Free was written to help parents provide their children with a fun and colourful  party without the children going ‘crazy’ from all of the chemical additives, particularly colours, flavours and preservatives.
Let’s Visit! Additive Free has been designed to help the carers of children who live additive free, provide appropriate food choices.
Let’s Celebrate Christmas! Additive Free, the most recent title in the series, is a guide for creating a joyous, festive and additive free Christmas. This title is twice as many pages as the first and is packed with a diverse range of additive free recipes that can be used all year round.
All products can be purchased at

Sally Collings
Sally Collings is an Australian bestselling author, publisher and editor, now based in California. She specializes in ghostwriting, book coaching and “extreme editing”, and loves helping Australian writers who want to crack the US market.
Visit her website

Sally is one of my favourite Australian authors, her books are incredible from Sophie's journey, a book about incredible Australian little girl, Sophie Delezio. A book about one incredible little girl struck down by a tragic accident, not once but twice. "Sophie Delezio has a message of hope for us all. " You can read more about that book and also buy it here 
A beautiful book by Sally written with Antonia Kidman is the Simple Things.
And my favourite, parenting with soul, an amazing book that will resonate with and inspire parents everywhere and one that takes great pride of place on my bookshelf.
Other titles include Positive and one many writers will find very helpful, Get published!

Getting published tips from Sally Collings

These tips are especially for writers who want to know whether their manuscript is ready to send to a publisher.

1. Lock away your manuscript and forget about it
Don’t look at it again for a few weeks, or even a few months. Then take it out again and read it with fresh eyes. If you’ve been sweating over that manuscript for a long time, the break will give you a new perspective. 
2. Exploit your friends and family. 
Find two or three of the pickiest, best-read, most brutally honest people you know. Ask them to read your manuscript (maybe just the first chapter for starters) and tell them exactly what sort of feedback would help you most, and that you think they are capable of giving. For example, what do they love or hate about the writing style? Are the characters engaging and real? Can they find any typos? Make sure you pick people from your target audience: don’t hand your paranormal romance to your uncle if he wouldn’t be seen dead reading that sort of book.
3. Think like a publisher. 
Pretend you’re an agent or a publisher, and this manuscript has just landed in your in-tray. Does the first page make you leap out of your chair and shout, “I’ve found my next bestseller!”? If not, you’ve got some work to do.

I hope these tips give you the inspiration to get your work out there!

For me this year, I have lots of plans! My cookbook, my collaboration book, Healthy Happy Mums, my children's book about an edible garden and my new projects including an edible gardening book just to start!

AND it is my goal to read and gift lots of great books this year, currently I am reading a fantastic new breakthrough book by Australian writer Cheryse Durrant, The Blood She Betrayed which is currently selling out across Australia in its breakthrough success!!

If your looking for some great fiction or a gift idea check it out!
"Thrust into the technology-driven Earthlands via magical mists, Shahkara is forced to rely on Max McCalden to help search for the ancient Elnara death lantern, her homeworld’s last chance of survival against the heart-devouring Taloners.
Max has his own problems – a manipulative billionaire father, a murdered brother – but nothing prepares him for this fugitive warrior’s razor-sharp talons and magical abilities.
Shahkara’s half-Taloner blood demands what she knows she can’t have – a human heart. She longs for love, but as deadly enemies attack at every turn, will her lust for Max destroy them both? Or will she find the strength to free both worlds from a threat more horrific than the demons that share her blood?"
Find and support Cheryse on facebook HERE

I also recommend checking out:
Karen Tyrrell an inspirational woman, speaker and author who share so many tips for writing and publishing
Book Cover Cafe services include ebooks, self publishing, book covers, LOTS of free tips for writers
Author Support Services Alex is an incredible talent and does book editing, coaching and workshops
Australian Writers Rock The facebook page of the book store doing incredible things to support Australian authors.
Australian Writers Rock - website
Natural New Age Mum's blog post on 20 awesome ebooks!

What is a great book you recommend?

Happy writing,

Bek XX

Do you have a great book or three? Blog posts on writing? Book reviews? Publishing? Self publishing?
Share your link below and lets get inspired and supportive. Please visit at least two other link ups, you never know what great blogs, books or information you just mind find too!


  1. Hi Bec,
    Here's my website
    Please check out my tips for Writing YA

    Karen :)

  2. Hi there, I have a newly published book called "Once I was a Teenager. Growing up in 50s and 60s in Australia.." It is endorsed by Little Pattie (Amplett), who had a few big hits in the 60s and is still performing today. It's a rollicking yarn about being a teenager in the 60s, the surf, our parent's pithy sayings, wild parties, puberty blues, doing the hippie trail and hitch-hiking etc. Check out the reviews on Amazon. The first lot ran out in NZ, looking for an Aussie distributor now. Have some print books left. My details are This book will make you laugh!

    1. Ho liberace!
      Sounds great and best wishes with it all!
      Feel free to ad any links to posts about your book and writing through the inlinkz tool above!
      Happy writing,
      Bek XX

    2. Once I was a Teenager: Growing up in the 50s and 60s in Australia and beyond" for FREE Kindle/amazon 25/26 April Aussie time. Nearly 3000 downloads so far. check out my website

  3. Thanks Bec,
    For listing my website on your Blog.
    Thanks for the generous words ...
    "Karen Tyrrell an inspirational woman, speaker and author who share so many tips for writing and publishing"
    Karen :)

    1. Pleasure Karen!
      Feel free to any links to your work and tips in the inlinkz tool above for everyone X

  4. Thanks Bec!!!! very generous of you :)
    But then you are a pretty awesome woman

  5. Thanks so much Dale! Your such an inspiration!!

  6. It is so timely that I visited your blog today, as I've been pushing myself to finally (FINALLY) get a proposal together for a cookbook. I've been thinking about it and putting it off for year,s but 2014 is the year that I finally do it. You have great tips here, and I can especially relate to giving your manuscript to people who will give you their honest feedback, even if it is not easy to hear. It's so important!

    For food writers, I suggest the book, Will Write For Food by Dianne Jacobs. It has lots of great information for bloggers, memoir writers, and cookbook authors.

  7. Hi Wallopingteaspoon!

    Huge congratulations on writing that cookbook! How exciting.

    I will check out that book for sure XX

  8. useful tips. First time on your website and find some interesting articles..

  9. I liked Melanie Avery's tips - makes sense. dropping by from UBC

  10. Yes this is the year of my book.

  11. I really like the sound of this Bek. It is my dream to get my book published!


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