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Since becoming a mother there is one thing that has never before become so important to me, my health.
Everytime I look at those two beautiful little faces and my heart feels overflowing with love and awe I realise how important it is for me to look after myself so I can be there for them, so I can live with joy and experience their childhoods with them, not from the sidelines. Nothing has ever been more motivating for me then wanting to be healthy and well, to enjoy my life with my kids, to not miss their childhoods, to run around with them at the park, jump in the ocean with them, to be around to watch them grow up and hopefully one day have kids of their own and have that intense joy of holding my own grandchildren.

Healthy living has been my passion since after my first baby back in 2006, it was for her that I lost 30 kg and brought fitness, healthy eating, growing organic food and things like yoga into my life. Exercise made me happy, it got me through post natal depression and kept stress at bay, it got me back in shape after both babies (30 kg and 22 kg losses), was the inspiration for my award winning book, the pram diet  and is still an important tool in my kit for stress relief and health as well. I loved pram walking, running and swimming but it wasn't until I went to my first ever gym that I realised how impressive the human body was, yes, even mine! When I started doing weights I started to see definition and strength I never knew I was capable of. I couldn't believe how strong I became, even things like pushing a full wayward shopping trolley, lifting my child, carrying groceries became such an ease.I realised how powerful our bodies really are and the powerful link between exercise and a happier body and mind.
When I had an emergency appendicitis with complications a bit over a year and a half ago, I was struck when I awoke from surgery at how young everyone in the hospital ward was. The room was full of people in their early forties - fifties all very ill and having all kind of operations and on restricted diets, all very sick indeed. Years of eating badly, not exercising, and stress had taken its toll on these poor people and the feel of misery in the room was awful.

For the first time I saw how real the impact of our lifestyle choices are...

It was frightening.

I saw that exercising and eating well isn't just about losing weight, being fit and fitting into a great dress, though that is wonderful motivation! It is about keeping the joy in your life. Doing everything you can to live a long, full life.
It is about looking after this body that is where we will be living the rest of our lives.

I met an older man, in his 70's a few days later in the hospital. He was recovering from surgery but he was calm, as he was fit and healthy, they were about to send him home. He showed me a place in the hospital not far from our ward where you walk and sit in the morning sun and look down on a beautiful fern garden complete with sunbaking lizards. It was so peaceful. The morning sun on my skin felt amazing as did walking around, moving my body rather than lying in a bed. He was so confident in his body and his healing, it was inspiring.
I left hospital so deep in thought, so happy to be back with my young children and with a new even more inspired and motivated view on healthy living.
I was delighted to find I healed quickly and as I had been exercising, doing yoga and weights regularly my body was strong and able to bounce back from the surgery really quickly.

Health is a passion I will have for the rest of my life, and I hope I will pass on to my two girls so they can live a full, rich and vibrant life. I hope I will teach them by example that living well, eating well, exercising, moving your body everyday, being calm and looking after ourselves is the path to a JOYFULL life.

In loving health today I am SO very excited to be able to offer you an INCREDIBLE healthy living Fitness First - NEW YOU prize pack giveaway you can enter at the end of this blog post!!


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Fitness first launches New You awards to help motivate Australians to keep their New Year’s health & fitness resolutions

The ‘New Year, New You’ survey, conducted by Fitness First, asked 1,502 Australians nationwide about their attitudes and commitments towards New Year’s resolutions and found very few Australians (9 per cent) are actually confident they will stick to their goals. Too much effort (56 per cent) and not enough time (42 per cent) were the top two factors blamed for people breaking their resolutions. 
The one and only Jane Fonda (doesn't she look incredible at 76! At a Fitness First event launch today!
Registration for the Fitness First New You Achievement Awards open in July and close at the end of August 2014. New members of Fitness First can pledge their goals online at

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WHY is living a healthy, active life important to you and what is your health goal for 2014?
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The Fitness First New You Give Away
Is all about inspiring you to find that fit and healthy goddess within in 2014!

This competition is in partnership with Fitness First.
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Good Luck!!
Health and Happiness


  1. I had a bad health year in 2013. I had Pneumonia. With six young kids to care for it was apparent things had to change! I bought myself an elliptical trainer in December and plan to work myself back into excellent health. I am looking forward to a fit and healthy 2014!

  2. Being active is important to me because I am an older mum! When she is 18 I will be 55 - so I better stay active and healthy so I can pick her up off nightclub floors when the lights come on at 6am - like my mum did for me :-)

  3. Living an active and healthy life is important to me because I know that when I am active and eat well I feel better in myself and therefore I am a better mum, wife and friend and everything works better. My health goal for 2014 is to not get tonsillitis so I can avoid surgery and by being active and eating well I know I can beat it.

  4. I didn't lose weight until the reason I wanted to lose it was my health. Now it annoys me to hear people say they need to go on a diet to lose weight and it's all based solely on looks/society/models/magazines. I think until you truly want to do it for the health benefits, to be a good role model to your children, to want to prolong your life, until that lightbulb goes off and you realise hey, I need to look after myself, then it's all quite futile. I didn't join a gym, I joined a group personal training session 3x a week and I have found my fitness again, as well as lost weight and met a group of wonderful, funny, supportive and encouraging women who I now call friends. Being healthy feels amazing!

  5. We only have 1 body! and it is so precious. My health and fitness is paramount to raising a healthy family who will see health and fitness as normal.

  6. I want to get my body feeling human again! After a stretch of chronic pain my physical activity has dwindled down to pretty much nothing. So living a healthy, active life is important not only for my physical but also for my mental and emotional well-being. I relish the challenge!

  7. Hi, I love your motivating post. As someone who has recently taken stock of her life and I am passionate about staying slim and fit and also taking ACTION on my online business. I have been learning but not applying. Now I am doing in both aspects of my life. My 2014 is about BELIEF, a part that I used to lack. If one believes/have faith anything is possible.

    I hope all the best to you and your wonderful children.

  8. Very inspirational post! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Bek,
    What a wonderful testimonial and great story, and also really great encouragement to all your readers to take care of ourselves! I am assuming this giveaway raffle is just for those in Australia? Is that right?

  10. Living healthy is truly a paramount to how much you value and love yourself. You treat your body with kindness and respect and nourish yourself. You can then inspire your family friends and the wider world.

  11. As a mum, a healthy, active life is so important to me! After 8 years of suffering from health problems, I want to vital again. My health goal for 2014 is to find a zest for life!

  12. Living healthy is important and we need to value it. If we nourish our self properly, then we can inspire our family, friends and others. thanks for inspirational post.

  13. I need to be healthy, so I'm happy and have enough energy to run around and spend time with my 3 kids

  14. Living a healthy, active lifestyle is crucial to be our best selves, especially as parents, to set a good example for our children. It's about moving everyday, nourishing our bodies with nutritious food and most importantly, believing in ourselves and having self respect.

  15. With all my grandparents dead before 65 I want to do all in my power to ensure my body is my temple so I can see my kids as adults.

  16. Living an active life is important to me because I want to model old health choices for my kids. I don't want them to ever have issues, and seeing me being active, and also being strong, is a great incentive for them.

  17. This is my first opportunity to visit this website. I found some interesting things and I will apply to the development of my blog. thanks for sharing useful information.

  18. My goal for 2014 is to lose 7 kilos, to get back to the figure I had when I got married to my husband two years ago. I love living a healthy life, going to the gym, and eating healthily but as I approach middle age I have to work just that little bit harder. My husband is joining me on our fitness journey and we hope to add another ten years at least to our life expectancy by being healthy and staying there...that is the goal for us :)

  19. You already know this Bek but gosh I love your work. Your blog is officially my favourite. I love your perspective about fitness not being all about losing weight and fitness - it's a way of life!

    In reference to the question above: Healthy living is more important to me now that I have a family. I want to be a good role model to my children. My goal in 2014 is to practice mindfulness and make yoga part of my exercise regime.x

    1. Thank you so much!!! Your such an inspiration X

  20. Giving up breastfeeding around Xmas made me put on weight (no one told me this!!) and not to mention all the Xmas goodness that didn't help. So now it is 2014 and I need to sort myself out. Put myself first and make time for my health. Go for more walk, eat better, drink less as my goal really is to be around as long as possible for my gorgeous family but to do this I need to look after me not just them.

  21. Living a healthy and active life means that I can feel energised and give more of myself to my son. Unfortunately I haven’t been overly active and now that I’ve found out I am expecting (*secret* ;)) it is of the utmost importance in 2014 that I turn this around for a healthy pregnancy.

  22. It's my goal to live every day to its fullest this year, and if I'm eating well & exercising, I'm going to get the most out of every day. I want to get a rush from looking & feeling great.

  23. I want to get back to my pre baby fitness level so that I feel more like me again. I also want to set a good example for my daughter so that she grows up with a healthy relationship with her body.

    1. Thank you so much for your fantastic entry!

  24. This year I'm making a list. This list will break down my goals so I can achieve one at a time with the purpose of being healthier and more active by September! In this time I aim to be more confident, positive & overall happier!

  25. It's hard to explain in 50 words or less
    Why I'd love this year to be my best
    But simply, as mum of three aged 9 and under
    'Me' time's rare, any wonder?!
    So this year, I'll make a fitness change
    To get back to a healthy weight range!

  26. Put simply I'd like to bring my A game in 2014, so my children get to have a better me.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Keeping fit and healthy makes me happy - it's just a struggle sometimes to start! So, my goal for 2014 is to start, over and over and over again. :)

  29. After a 6 week hospital stay last year I was shocked at how destroyed my body was afterwards. I didn't have the strength to lift my infant son after 6 weeks of bed rest and fluids. Never again will my body deteriorate so I cannot care for my own children.

  30. My health goal for 2014 is to sleep better, to feel lighter and more nimble, to be more alert and to keep up with my children who are brimming with life and energy. Oh and yes, to feel good about myself inside and out would be an added bonus!

  31. I want to live a happy healthy life with my daughter and fiancé....they mean the absolute world to me. My goal for 2014 is lose weight get healthy and spend as much time with my little family as I can!

  32. I have 4 children 3 of them being daughters a healthy, active life is so important to me for myself and them. Showing them a positive body image and healthy lifestyle is a must not a maybe!
    My goal - More fun physical activities as a family
    no body hating comments

  33. Moving every day, nourishing my body every day and believing in myself every day are the ingredients to my healthy lifestyle. This has become a very important recipe in my life so I can be the best person, wife and mother I can be.

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