Presents in the post - Red Balloon

I have always loved the post.
Maybe it is in my heritage as my great, great grandfather was a postman in France...
Getting letters, cards and things in the mail has always filled me with delight, yet as times turn more and more digital you just don't get the same amount of mail like we once did, we even get e-cards and digital Christmas cards now.
So you can imagine my delight when to be able to review a RedBalloon experience!
My RedBalloon  experience was all about organic, fair trade  coffee, and yes it was just wonderful!
AND look at how stunning it comes to your door! The packaging and styling was faultless and it really did make my day extra special when I received it.
I truly treasured the moment and waited for my toddler to have her nap before brewing up a pot of one of the beautiful, organic coffee of the month and sitting down to enjoy it with a great biscuitchocolate maca ball or macadamia bliss ball. Giving myself a treasured 10 minutes of quiet, cool breeze and delcious hot coffee - bliss!
I really enjoyed this review, and not just because I love a great coffee or because I love receiving things in the mail, or even because I absolutely loved the gorgeous presentation, I really enjoyed this review because it felt like a special reason to take some time out in my day for me and that is why I would not hesitate to do more Red Balloon experiences and give them as a gift.

AND even better you receive $20 off when you spend $79 or more on any RedBalloon experience or gift box!!! Visit and enter the promotional code REDBLOG14 at the checkout to receive your discount.
(Offer valid until 30/06/2014. Promotional Code can only be used once per person. All purchases are subject to RedBalloon T&Cs, for full details read here:

What a sensational gift idea for any member of the family or even yourself!

We all need that special reason to be delighted in our day, to take some time out to #experiencehappy !

Bek XX

*This was a sponsored review. Opinions are my own*


  1. Nice blog. Great colors. While I'm not a coffee drinker it's great that you do product reviews. I'll keep you in mind for some of my friends.

    1. Thanks Tandy! They don't just do coffee they do a huge range of things you should really check it out!

  2. I agree. I haven't received anything exciting in the mail for about 6 months--and that was just anticipated copies of my books. At Christmastime, we used to get letters and cards from overseas, blazoned with stamps an the blue air-mail stickers. No more.

    1. I know right! I love getting things in the post so much,so things like this really appeal to me and I think would appeal to a lot of people X

  3. In the United States, we have to be careful of "porch pirates" who will look out for packages on unattended porches during the holiday season - and steal them! We still get things through the mail, but not as much as we used to. That was a nice package you got, though!

    1. Oh that is horrible! Do they have post boxes service there? Might be the better option for things like this :)
      I have both a PO Box and a street adress X


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