De-stressing and nurturing myself with a Comvita Antioxident Challenge & Olive Leaf

Health is Wealth -Virgil

Such a profound saying.

One of the most important things I have learnt in life is just how important it truly is to take care of yourself and your health, and even more so when you become a mother.

As mothers we so easily put ourselves last and let our health not be a priority without for a moment realising just how important and vital our health truly is.
We can sometimes feel it is selfish to spend time and/or money on ourselves but after all if we suffer bad health through stress, illness or disease how can we truly care for our families then?

We live in busy times, we have busy lives and more and more we are exposed to toxins all around us even in our work and home environments.

We need to take our selves but we also need simple ways of doing so. Ways we can actually stick too and see real benefits from.

I am doing a few things for myself at the moment, yes, things just for me and my health because I have seen and felt the face of bad health and it is terrifying and not a road I want to go down in my life if I can help it. And I am not waiting for New Year's Eve to start taking great positive steps either.

I starting right now and I am loving being a part of the really fun Super Antioxident Challenge With Comvita

Each day I am:
  • Taking the Comvita's Olive Leaf Extract ( and this olive leaf extract has no unpleasant taste, sickly mint flavour or artificial sweeteners - making it wonderful in my book!)
  • Taking 5 minutes to myself to sit in silence out in the garden and just let the world get real quiet as I
    allow myself to just be, and to just feel and relax.
  • I am turning off electronics during the day for short periods to have a break, yes, even my phone!
  • Having a nature outing with kids every Sunday at least where we will go out into a forest, go bushwalking, climb a mountain, go look at a waterfall, swim in the ocean. 
  • Eating real, beautiful food.
  • Mindfully being CALM
  • Making myself at least one meal or snack a day that I have spent time making it just because it is something I will enjoy, something that will fit in with the great benefits of the Mediterranean theme.
  • Going for a walk, a pram walk with my kids and getting out into that great fresh air. 
  • Indulging a passion in some small way be it some writing, art, dancing, music, cooking...

The challenge I am thrilled to be taking part of is based on the very successful and healthy Mediterranean diet and taking lessons from the recognized ' blue zones' around the world, whereby people are living longer and experience less disease by using the properties of the olive plant in their diets to maintain a healthy, fulfilling and energetic lifestyle.

Anyone that has been following my blog, facebook and recipes would know how much I LOVE Olives so
Comvita Olive Leaf Extract -find out more about it HERE
you can imagine how perfect this challenge fits into my lifestyle and I am really looking forward to sharing with you how it goes!

You can find out all about this fun health challenge here:
AND by being a art of the challenge you could WIN a YEARS supply of Olive leaf extract, books and more!
It is absolutely worth checking out.

Here is to health.
Don;t forget to take care of YOU this Christmas! XXX


  1. Sounds like a wonderful healthy lifestyle to be following. Getting out for walks in nature, away from the norm, is the best medicine.

    1. Thanks Alicia! I am loving this challenge and an olive leaf I can take the taste of too :) XX

  2. Your healthy lifestyle sounds perfectly balanced! It's so important to take care of ourselves, especially with so much stress all around us. I really enjoyed your article!

  3. I have never heard of Olive Leaf Extract; however, I also love olives so I will look into it.

    Rachel recently posted 12 Days to Get Your Online Biz Booming

  4. The olive loaf sounds really delicious! You have a very health life style :)

  5. Sounds lovely. I have started going for walks alone. To get some exercise and also to get some "me" time to just be in peace with myself.

  6. This is one of the lessons I had to learn the hard way - just how important self-care is. Enjoy your challenge!


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