Writing, Reading, Loving Books

Writing, Reading and Loving Books.
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Writing and reading have always been some of my greatest passions.
There is something about a great book that transports you body and soul while you read it, the whole around you fades as the world unfolding before you becomes more vivid with every page.

My earliest memories of books I loves where ones like The Magic Faraway Tree soon making way for the The Babysitter Club Books and The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings, Narnia and David Eddings and worlds of fantasty.
My early teenage years saw a love of mystery and scary reads starting with Agatha Christie and on to Stephen King, Clive Barker, Dean R Koontz, Anne Rice and they moved way as I grew for a love of historical fiction and romance with so many including Jean Plaidy, Catherine Cookson and Jane Austin and a new found admiration for non fiction work, especially anything by Sir David Attenborough and anything on plants.
When I started studying horticulture after school I really grew in my love of non fiction, (still of course always had a novel or three by my bed) but had developed this deep joy of learning from books and admiration for the people that create them.
My first story published in a local publication in year 1, a love of writing had begun.. 
I knew I had always wanted to be an author. Always wanted to write. I like most people had many ideas of what I wanted "to be" and to do when I grew up and they changed over the years, but one that always was in my heart was writing.
While working for a very busy Bunnings Warehouse, running the plant nursery section, I created a Bunnings Warehouse Garden Club and monthly gardening newsletter full of tips, plant profiles and gardening information, I loved it.
At 25 I left and had my first baby and a very hard time for me with Post Natal Depression and so much weight to lose after having my baby missing all the writing work I had been doing for work I started writing a blog on MySpace and writing out recipes there, edible gardening pieces and my audience there quickly grew, I was delighted and then friends and family started asking for my recipes, then my mothers group and then friends of friends.
I started having women contact my because of myspace and ask how I was losing so much weight and for tips on feeling good about themselves, growing their own food.
I found myself writing everyday and it started to form a book.
A book about becoming a mother.

About a real life journey and finding myself again. A book about realising my health was important and to shine even a little of that love I shone on my baby onto myself too.
Filled with my recipes, my gardening, my motivation to exercise and lose my baby weight and my self love all around my (very) personal story and experiences which I share in the hopes that it would make other mothers feel good and maybe to let some of them know they are not alone if they go through post natal depression, feeling flat or frustrated with their bodies after having a baby, maybe they too had trouble breastfeeding or a baby that never slept through until they were 2. 
I think the greatest thing I learnt in motherhood was the powerful feeling of relief when you know you are not alone in whatever it is you may be going through.
My first published book, The Pram Diet, Random House 2009.
To say I was excited to have a book published, would be an understatement.
To go into one of my beloved bookstores and see it on the shelf took my breath away but most of it was that day I walked (my then 2 year old) to the local post office and waiting there was a box.
A box of my books.
I didn't even open it.
 I nestled it on top of the pram and I left with what could only be described as a loopy smile on my face and super power walked all the rest of the way home, Lily's beloved flowers and ocean views were a giggling blur as I broke out into pram jogs rather than walks, before we bustled into the house.
Opening that box was so surreal as I am sure it is for all writers and flicking the pages of my book, smelling that new book smell (yes, book geek alert) was one of the moments in my life I will never forget.

I am now delighted to say I have not 1 but 3 books I am working on AND a children's picture book.
My cook book - COMING SOON
PLUS! Coming up very soon on the blog I am really excited that I will be sharing with you some great tips on writing books and getting published from some of the incredibly talented women writers I know! So STAY TUNED.
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If you would like to read my book, The Pram Diet you can find it in most Australian libraries, through Australian bookstore or buy a signed copy through me!
I have a promotion for a special priced pre-order of a signed copy on my facebook page at the moment

Did you have a passion growing up that has stayed with you or shaped your life?
What were your favourite books?

Bek XX


  1. Thanks for sharing... very interesting story of how it all came to be. Saw your post at UBC

  2. indeed a great achievement.all the best for upcoming books. i love fiction novels

  3. Reading was my passion too Bek. My favourite books were Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, The Secret Garden & when I was a little older, boy did I love Flowers in the Attic!

  4. Hey Bec, I have loved & read most of the books you have featured above. I have read a few blog posts this week of people actually achieving their childhood dreams. Good for you!!

    1. Thanks Mummy Manifesto! I got to here a lady speak on the exact subject this week too! Love it X

  5. I enjoyed reading about your experiences as a writer, Bek. So pleased for you. It's wonderful to have been able to achieve so much of your dreams while you're still young.

  6. My favorite books were a series - the Martian books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I wish you the best of luck in your book writing career, and thank you for sharing. I loved reading your story.

  7. I have a book written but I think fear has prevented me from getting it published. I need to get onto it. :)

  8. I love your story! I too have a huge thirst for all things book. When I was a kid I'd devour them like candy. The passion is still there but so are other things, like a kid, a job, lessons and practice and business building and just life in general. I still try to make it a point to finish at least one book a month.

  9. A lovely story on how you came to be, thank you for sharing. Oh the Magic Faraway tree a book I will never forget, it certainly opened up my imagination that book. Stories of moonface and friends. My passion for water and nature has shaped my life.

  10. What an inspiration you are! You have gone from success to success following your heart, well done.


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