WHY Does Fitness Matter

WHY Fitness.
WHY does Fitness Matter.
What a powerful line that is.
I think the extremely talented people behind the Sunshine Coast publication WHY Fitness Magazine created such a strong title there and as you pick up and read the magazine you see right away the strength continue through its pages. Pages full of inspiration, motivation, information and positive messages of health.

I have been doing a column series for WHY fitness magazine, entitled BFresh with Rebecca Mugridge.
BFresh being the sponsors of the series, a beautiful business that is a foodie's haven in Warana on the Sunshine Coast.

BFresh Market Cafe and Deli is full of lovely fresh produce, an absolute stunning gourmet deli and cheese range (Oh my goodness it is fantastic!!) and all your favourite gourmet goodies and lots of local products!!
The atmosphere is wonderful when you walk in the door and everywhere you look is either beautiful food or beautiful ingredients.
WHY Bfresh with Rebecca Mugridge has been such a fun column to write!
My avocado and coconut muffins!
 What recipes have I featured in the column series??
Fresh Zucchini Noodles with Quinoa Tomato Sauce
Avocado and Coconut Muffins (DF, Refined Sugar Free)
Healthy Strawberry and Macadamia Tarts
Watermelon & Coconut Refresher - perfect for post workout

AND you don't have to be on  the Sunshine Coast to find and read this great magazine you can read it online as well
Where you can read all the issues online for free!

Does Fitness matter?
To me - yes, it does. So much.
|I might not always be my fittest, most toned version of myself (although sometimes I am)  but exercise and moving my body benefits me in so many ways.
It makes me happier and more focused and on track, it helped me get my body after both babies and get through post natal depression, my daily pram walks lifted that heavy cloud of depression, a little bit each day until one day it was a blue sky and even now it is such a mood enhancer. I really notice if I haven't exercised for a few days, I feel shorter tempered, more easily stressed out, sluggish.
Once you get the motivation and habit established to move your body everyday it starts to feel so good that you want to keep going and I just love that about exercise.
You can also read my very raw and personal reasons WHY living a more healthier life  even when it is hard to do so through illness or injury or circumstances, or perhaps especially at those times, is so important to ME here




  1. Hi Rebecca, I'm so glad you're saying this. Fitness is also important to me and, having been a figure skater for 14 years, I have the muscle memory. I'm glad that as I age I am keeping my muscles active. Visiting you form UBC and hoping you're having a lovely week. :)

  2. Even if fitness doesn't matter to someone right now, it is going to matter to them soon enough. Fitness is so many things though, food, movement, mental health, social connection...

  3. Great post Bek & couldn't agree more. Love that you have your own column in such a cool mag xxx

  4. Love your links. I so wish I lived nearby and could walk under a blue sky. Right at the moment, my hips won't allow me to take a daily walk. I hope they settle down soon. I miss being out in the open, feeling the breeze on my cheeks and listening to birds. Fitness matters all the more when you see it slipping away.

  5. Bek,
    What beauty you are surrounded by! Exercise and good eating go hand-in-hand to help us be happy and healthy and energetic!

  6. Some people are totally obsessed with fitness, I try to long distance walk, but I never do any cardio (maybe I should) your Healthy Strawberry and Macadamia Tarts look amazing!

  7. Such beautiful pictures, Bek. Especially the deli, and the Strawberry and Macadamia Tart.

  8. Great post Bek. And that deli looks divine!

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