Gluten Free Dairy Free Christmas Ice Cream Cake

Last year as part of the Maleny IGA's Local Product Local Recipe - recipe card series I created the below festive Ice-Cream cake recipe using gorgeous local products so you can have something amazing at your Christmas event that some of your guest who may be gluten free or dairy free can still all enjoy/\.

Gluten Free Soya Ice Cream Christmas Cake
Celebrating Christmas with a beautiful dairy and gluten free dessert flavoured with Buderim Ginger Cordial and using Zehnder Gluten Free cake at its base. 

2 litres soya vanilla ice cream (or coconut ice-cream)
1 cup frozen raspberries
3 tablespoons undiluted Buderim Ginger Cordial
1 Zehnder Gluten free cake
¾ cup mixed dried fruit (like sultanas, raisins, cranberries, currents)
1 cup glace fruit, chopped, like cherries, orange slices, kiwifruit, pears and ginger
Extra raspberries to serve
Silver cachous
Pudding basin

·         Line a pudding basin with two layers of cling wrap, leaving plenty of overhang
·         Allow ice-cream to soften slightly at room temperature
·         Mix glace/dried fruit mixture with ginger cordial
·         Fold gently through ice cream
·         Very gently add and fold through raspberries
·         Pour mixture into prepared pudding bowl
·         Pat down leaving a few centimetres from the top, cover with plastic cling wrap
·         Freeze for 30 minutes
·         Cut Zehnder gluten free cake so it will fit on top, completely covering it, making a base
·         Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for at least 8 hours
·         Fill sink with warm water and warm the outside of the pudding basin for around 1 minute to soften ice cream edges slightly
·         Turn out onto a serving plate, top with extra raspberries and silver cashous, drizzle with raspberry juices from bag, serve immediately

·         Use brandy or liqueur in place of the ginger cordial for adult version
·         Optionally Serve with a berry syrup and dairy free white chocolates
       You can of course use dairy ice cream if desired and a non gluten free cake base if your family are allergy  free.

Toddler Tips
·         Serve theirs with lots of fresh raspberries
       Make them their own smaller version using small basins and leave out glace ginger. If no dairy allergies  you could include red and green miniature m&m’s for a festive look

Recipe (c) Rebecca Mugridge 2012
This recipe  is one of Bek's commercial recipe creation work portfolio.


  1. Good stuff! The kind of message we need to send us out and about with a passion. Thank you.

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  2. This looks amazing! What a masterpiece, mmm :-)

  3. How very fun! Our family eats Gluten & Dairy free fare - we enjoy the coconut 'ice cream' more than soy ... recently my daughter's begun making banana 'ice cream' - SOOO simple! Just freeze several bananans in ~ 2 " sections. Toss in a food processor with a bit of coconut (or other 'milk') & ~ 1/4 tsp vanilla .... & process. The frozen bananas will whip into an ice cream consistency - this would be a great alternative for this cake! & really ripe bananas work best - they're often available 1/2 price!

    1. Thanks Dia! |
      I make banana ice-cream too and a banana chocolate whip for on top of cakes, love bananas! XX

  4. Coconut and raspberries and more... yum! Almost can't believe something that looks that good is gluten and dairy free.

  5. YUM, Bek, this does look really amazing and would be a sweet addition to Christmas desserts!

  6. I have a friend who recently has had to go dairy free. This would be ideal for her with the coconut ice cream. Sounds great with the raspberries.

    1. And some of those coconut ice-creams are *amazing* too XX

  7. That is one pretty cake! And I love that flavor combination!


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