Find Your Passion For You

Find your Passion for you!
As mums one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the tools to live a healthy, happy, and positive life and the best way of doing this? Is by living one, ourselves…
‘’Because: a healthy, happy mum means a healthy, happy home.’’
To be a mother is to truly, wholly and selflessly love another.
More than you ever thought possible.

To be a mother is to hold the hopes and dreams of your children forever in your heart.

Shedding a silent tear that they never see, in a moment that stays with you forever and they forget in an instant.

Feeling their pain like it happened to you, marvelling at their wonder as they discover the world around them, feeling their joy as they discover things in life that brings to them moments of pure uninhibited happiness.

It is feeling so deep that you truly are at the centre of another’s whole world; you are being a source of comfort and safety. Healing the hurts; drying the tears, easing the pain and being that rainbow of love amongst the unpredictable weather of life that is being their ‘mum’.

That knowing, that something is wrong in a quick glance.

For every tear and tantrum there is a beautiful giggle and a smile that touches you deep inside your heart.
For every exhausting night there is a cuddle and a look that makes you want to cry with love. You can find yourself being surprised, shocked and left speechless more times than you thought possible and feeling pure delight, immense pride, overwhelming happiness, exhausting responsibility, pushed limits, joyous laughter, anxious worrying and wonderment all at the same time
You can feel so tired, exhausted and mostly unthanked but you've never felt more fulfilled, wanted and full of love.
It is the indescribable moment of complete and pure, timeless happiness that is that special unexpected hug- when time could easily stop.

As mums we gladly give all of ourselves for our family. We endlessly put ourselves last.

We often juggle so many balls at once.
Multi-tasking, balancing the work/life/family act, it’s so easy to let a few things slip to make it work and unfortunately one that is allowed to slip through so often, for so many of us is our own health and happiness.
And the things is if you are not healthy you cannot be truly happy and if your not happy you cannot be truly healthy either. You need both.

You only need to talk to those who are ill or have gone through illness or injury to realise just how important your health is and just how much we take it for granted.
How much we have to lose.

We need  to see how important we are before burnout. We need to accept we are not invincible.
Burning out can happen to any of us.
Crashing from exhaustion, losing a sense of self, feeling frustration, sadness or even anger at our reflection in the mirror, comparing ourself to others and making ourselves feel miserable. Stressing out of every little thing, worrying too much, eating our emotions, going without, neglecting ourselves...

Prolonged stress we know leaves us vulnerable to illness, stress in fact is one of the most dangerous causes of so many scary things that can happen to us and our health.

We need to sit down and really think about how important our health and happiness really is. Look at those little faces and really think, if I don't take care of me and I burn out how will I take care of them? We already make our kids and our family's health and happiness a priority - but what about ourselves? 

We are at the heart of our families, we care, nurture, teach, nurse. We entertain, advise, guide, feed, comfort, and love. 

We love unconditionally and give all of ourselves without a second thought, and we love doing it, glowing fiercely with love and pride.

What we don’t do anyway near often enough is shine some of that love and support on ourselves.

Our family is so very important to us and we are so important to our family. So we need to start being important to ourselves too.

Sometimes it can all seem to big, too hard to find our happy, healthy vibrant place and this is why support and inspiration is so very important.
That is why I am such a strong advocate for all forms of support for women and mums, for taking time out for yourself, joining networking and socialising groups, support groups; for having a hobby or passion on the side that is just for you, for scheduling in some time in your day to go for a walk, even if it is with the kids as well, it is getting you out into that fresh air with the benefits of exercise to our bodies; or for taking a yoga class once a week if you can or finding a gym you like with a creche or a mums fitness group.

Why I am an advocate for doing things that make you feel nice like wearing the dress you like when you go out - even if it is only to the supermarket and to wear some lipstick if it makes you feel pretty or your favourite earrings, it's why I think it is a great idea to pack yourself a lunchbox too - not just the kids for the day ahead, why I think you should occasionally buy yourself a bunch of fresh flowers for your home, just because they make you feel happy, why I think every food shop you do should include one special item that is just for you and your health and absolutely why I shared my very personal story and my burnout after having my first baby in my book, The Pram Diet and why I am just so in love with...  


by the very inspiring Kirri White and Corona Brady

If there was ever a present that you should treat yourself too that could make a hug positive impact in your life or were able to pick for yourself from your loved ones - this would be an incredible one.

An investment in YOU.
To find out about this amazing program and how it can help you, support and inspire you to find your passion for YOU and become your most vibrant self click HERE
Beginning on October 1st, Nourished is a completely unique offering – combining the latest nutritional advice and holistic health practices with life coaching, neuroscience and eating psychology.
Nourished is a Loving Approach to Mind & Body Health and provides all all the tools you need to incorporate healthy choices for your mind and body into your daily routine (or your money back!).

Co-creator Kirri is a certified life coach with a Masters in Psychology, an eating disorder survivor, and proud mamma to three glowing young girls.
Kirri helps women reclaim their lives and celebrate their worth, combining science-based therapies with the wisdom of the heart.

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Healthy, Happy Mums book - Coming Soon


  1. Oh it's so so important isn't it Bec. I totally found in the first 6 months of motherhood I'd lost everything that defined me and didn't want to ONLY be defined as a mother - for me I was this but a whole lot of other things and I'd lost 'me' in there somewhere. Such an important message to feed yourself. Oh what a happy person I was when I re-introduced balance back into my life - and oh what a happy person I was when I played with my little girl with this balance added. Great reminder - am a big fan of Kirri!

    1. It really is Pip!
      I think we underestimate how much so as we try to be super mums.
      It is so weird how we feel reluctant to give to ourselves and yet we are so much the better for it.
      A lesson I learnt the hard way!
      Isn't Kirri just gorgeous XX

  2. Great article and great advise to not forget that you are a human being which needs to fill up their own spiritual tank. Follow Your Passion!

  3. A great inspiration article. I think that quite a few tips here are also applicable to fathers as well!

  4. Your writing about being a mother is wonderful. It should inspire and hearten every mother who reads it.

  5. Ahh Bek! This is such a beautiful post, very uplifting!

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing Bek!

    Most Saturdays, my girls and I have dance classes for hours. We take our own lunches and it saddens me to see so many other mums who have taken so much care to provide their kids with a variety of foods while they sit there with nothing.

    If we want to take exceptional care of others, we really do need to start with ourselves xx

    1. That is exactly it Kirri!
      I know mums that are so incredible at everything they do and make the most amazing lunches and snacks for their kids and then just grab whatever for themselves, often don't even bring themselves a water bottle and their kids always have one.
      I think we get so caught up in everything we get used to putting ourselves last all the time

      Wishing you all the best with your program and work Kirri you are doing so much to help mums feel wonderful and that makes for lots of very happy homes Xxx

  7. Great post, Bec. It really is essential for us mums to take care of us so we can in turn take care of our kids. The main reason I started my blog was because I wanted something just for me. I felt I had lost sight of myself. Thanks for the lovely read.

    1. Exactly Renee :)
      And I was the same, after such a busy work life I needed something and started a myspace page! Haha But it was like a blog at the time with daily journaling with some amazing mums I still talk to online today!
      Thanks for reading Xx

  8. Finding your blog via FYBF - I instinctively know the message you share today about the importance of self-care, but I needed the reminder - thank you. And Kirri is lovely. Now off in search of recipes.

    1. She certainly is! I love that at times I need a little reminder to take care of me and I come across something, somewhere that reminds or inspires me Xx

  9. Couldn't agree more. Important for all parents to take care of themselves, take time out to refresh. You can't be the best parent if you're tired and stressed.

  10. Yup! I think I"m going to do Nourished. I feel like it's something I need to do!

  11. Great post Bek. Couldn't agree more with finding your own passion as its so easy to let your kids take over. X


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