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I am very excited to share that you can now read a food column series by me in 

 WHY BFresh with Rebecca Mugridge

The series is sponsored by B Fresh, Warana, Sunshine Coast.

If your on the Sunshine Coast look out for a copy at cafes, gyms, sports centres, swim centres, and many more places.  If your not on the Sunshine Coast you can read the magazine and all its issues online HERE
The page celebrates local and in season food and includes a recipe by me and promotes the lovely fresh produce and gourmet foods available locally through from B Fresh and the fabulous food available right here on the Sunshine Coast.

The magazine itself is inspiration on paper. Packed full of health and fitness articles, experts, athletes and information that is beautifully crafted together by it's editor and the Sunshine Coast's own very inspiring woman and fitness expert Jen Forster.

So far my recipes in the magazine include

My healthy strawberry tart.

This gorgeous tart is made with Sunshine Coast producer Nutworks macadamia meal, coconut oil and gorgeous local strawberries that BFresh have been buying off the same grower for 20 years!
It is also pictured here on a locally produced chopping board called a Fab Slab, they are made from a pest species tree here on the Sunny Coast called a Camphor laurel - you can read more about them here and yes they are available from Bfresh and many other places as well. I love mine and they go with me to all my cooking demonstrations and events.

My avocado and coconut muffins.
 Using gorgeous in season avocado's and are dairy and refined sugar free. They have a lovely nutty flavour and are not over the top sweet tasting so great for morning tea.

Both these recipes can be read online in the magazines e-version by clicking HERE

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You can also see me cooking LIVE at this year's Real Food Festival

Happy Cooking
                      Bek XX


  1. Ooooh - heading over now to check out the magazine. Sounds just as fabulous as your cooking looks.

    1. Thanks Melissa! You made my day. It is a fabulous magazine too Xx :)

  2. Congratulations Melissa! It's great to see you are supporting local community and local businesses by showing then where to buy the products for your recipies! Awesome! Keep the good things up!

  3. What a great achievement, Bek. Many congratulations on joining this wonderful magazine. You're an inspiration.

  4. I adore strawberry tarts! Congratulations on getting your section in the magazine- amazing!

  5. What an achievement Bek - congrats - have a great weekend :)


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