Nuts about Nutworks & Macadamia IceCream

I have always been a big fan of nuts. 
How could I not? They are delicious, healthy, nutritious, have a million cooking possibilities and (mostly) grow on trees too and I love trees.
Of course botanically not all nuts that we call nuts are actually nuts, in fact many seeds and kernels are referred to in cooking as "nuts" that are not technically "nuts". But that is another post altogether...

Where I live on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia we have so many fantastic food producers and one of my favourites is NUTWORKS

They are a really exciting local producer AND a great foodie destination on the Sunny Coast.
You can also LIKE them on FACEBOOK here
Not only do they make all these gorgeous products and have a range that is almost beyond belief, you can actually take the children and watch them making chocolates and processing nuts in their factory as they do it. I am such a big fan of showing kids where food comes from, how it is made and processed so Nutworks really impressed me, and my kids! My oldest of whom by the way is a HUGE macadamia fan. In fact every Christmas she asks on her wishlist for her own big giant bag of macadamias!
So you just imagine her excitement visiting the factory!
 Lily loved watching them processing nuts
And reading and learning
 It didn't take her long to find her favourite chocolate covered macadamias!
 And taste testings
They even recently had a community family fun day! Complete with Fun and Funky Sand Art another really great local Sunshine Coast business and a petting zoo.

This below is the beautiful, nothing added, real macadamia paste that you will find in lots of my RECIPES
(You can get this in store, both sizes at the Maleny IGA too - they deliver right across the Sunshine Coast now with their online shopping as well)
Here I have used it to make 
Macadamia Icecream
You can collect this free recipe card in store along with all the ingredients to make it at the Maleny IGA

Macadamia Chocolate Ice Cream
Your family will be impressed when you serve up this delicious home-made ice cream. The macadamia flavours just melt in your mouth and it is made with the beautiful, rich Maleny Dairies cream and Moorish Nutworks macadamia paste.

·         1 cup Nutworks Macadamia paste
·         1 x 600 ml Maleny Dairies cream
·         ½ cup unsalted macadamia nuts
·         ½ teaspoon pure vanilla paste
·         1 tin condensed milk (if you have a thermomix check out Quirky Cooking's homemade alternative HERE)
·         200g milk (or dark) chocolate
·         Air tight freezer-safe container

·         Using an electric mixer whip the cream in a deep bowl until soft peaks form.
·         Melt the milk chocolate in a bowl on top of a saucepan of hot water, making sure the water doesn’t touch the bowl with the chocolate in it, do not leave unattended, stirring constantly. When chocolate is melted, remove from heat. Allow to cool slightly.
·         Mix the chocolate into the condensed milk, add vanilla.
·         Fold the chocolate mixture and macadamia nuts gently through the cream mixture.
·         Pour into a flat freezer-proof container, smooth evenly down and seal with an air tight lid.
·         Freeze overnight.
·         To serve, remove from the freezer and allow to sit at room temperature for a few minutes or until it has softened slightly.
·         Serve as you would normal ice cream.

·         Use dark chocolate instead of milk for a richer flavour, look out for organic chocolate if you can.
·         The Nutworks macadamia paste is just divine and really adds texture and flavour to this ice cream.
·         You could optionally add chocolate covered sultanas or blueberries to the ice cream mixture when you add the macadamia nuts to make it really decedent.
·         In winter serve this ice cream with a hot dessert like pie or pudding.

Toddler Tips
·         Freeze into icypoles by pouring the mixture into popsicle moulds.
If you don’t have popsicle moulds you could do it with chop sticks and plastic cups. I would advice sealing the top with something like cling wrap and you will need to freeze for around 30 minutes before removing and adding the stick or until mixture can hold the popsicle stick in place and then  returning to the freezer overnight.


  1. Organic chocolate (a staple in our house), macadamia nuts (yes, we hang out at Nutworks too)... not to mention ginger (from the Ginger Factory) and cream (from Maleny Dairies) are part of most of our baking too...
    We really DO live in the best part of the world. ;) xx

    1. Oh you know all the good spots too Carmen!
      We really do live in a fantastic place XX

  2. Oh, I love Macadamia Nuts! Especially when it's ice cream flavoured! We have a Breville Icecream maker so I might give this a try when it's a little warmer. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Grace!
      Let me know if you make it! XX

  3. Cool~ We made our first ice cream yesterday. I may try out your recipe next =)

    1. Oh how exciting! Nothing beats home-made :)

  4. This sounds like an AMAZING dish.

    We live in Oregon, USA and locally have a number of opportunities for food education and exploration. The best known of which is the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It is a very popular attraction in our state and your pictures remind me of the visits our family has made there.

    Fun and informative post!

    1. Oh it sounds amazing Kina!
      Thanks so much for reading XXX

  5. I would love to tour their plant! Everything sounds yummy!

    1. It is fantastic Diane, I highly recommend their products X

  6. Wow! This looks absolutely heavenly. I love ice cream, so perfect in this hot weather!

  7. What a fun day! Bek, your little girl is simply adorable and I really want to try out that recipe! Cheers, sweetie!

  8. Oh how good is that place!! Yummo. You lucky girls!

  9. We really are living so close this amazing place but you can buy online too! XX


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