I like to...Move it! The Bundy event

I am really delighted to to tell you that I have been invited up to my old hometown of Bundaberg to be a part of their 
MOVEit Campaign
Community in Action!
You will be able to find me doing a Cooking Demonstration 
on August 26th at the gorgeous 

And best of all I will be cooking with delicious, fresh organic ingredients as generously sponsored by
I will also be doing a 
Community Pram Walk 
on Tuesday the 27th
Bring the pram and the kids and lets all enjoy the fresh air together!
These events are organised by Move It.
What is MOVE It all about?
MOVE it started as a positive reaction to the negative perception that Bundaberg’s postcode is the fattest in Australia. Community partnerships formed and together we’re presenting MOVE it 2013 to the whole of the Bundaberg region. Bundaberg Regional Council’s Healthy for LIFE team, Bundaberg Regional Council, IMPACT Mark Your Mark, and Bundaberg YMCA are stepping up to the challenge of helping the region’s residents to become healthier and more active, and we’d love you to join us.
The Move It campaign has so many fantastic events
 It is really exciting to see a community bonding together through health and exercise
And I am just so delighted to be a part of it all.
Bundy will always have a special place in my heart.
I spent over 13 years there, had some great career highlights there and had such amazing support and I met remarkable, special people, I fell in love with the coastline, the volcanic rocks, the delicious abundance or fresh fruits and vegetables, the gardeners and the gardens, the plants that thrive in the Bundy climate, the rich history. 
So much to love about that town.  
I even have my very own special souvenir from my Bundy days...
My own Bundy Belle, Lily
Who was even born at the Bundaberg Base Hospital.
 (Lily and me in Bundaberg)
We loved our daily walks in the Bundy sunshine along its gorgeous coastline
My Bundy Belle now almost 8!
 And then there were two! I am now the proud mum of two little girls!
And in 2012 I co-create a pram walking charity and world record attempt even.t
Me and my girls.

If you can make it there is a fantastic EXPO on July 21st
You can find out more about all the Move It events 
Book in to see me cook 
Find out about joining me on the big community pram walk  
and more by emailing healthyforlife@bundaberg.qld.gov.au, 
 Calling 1300 883699
or by visiting the website here:


If you a FB fan they are also on Facebook
as am I HERE

See you in August Bundy!

Rebecca XX


  1. I love the layout of your blog with all the strawberries and the other healthy food photos. You look fantastic! My country (the United States) has such a serious weight problem - I am distressed to find that we aren't the only ones. Keep pushing the message of physical fitness and healthy living, Bek!

  2. I've just put on the pies (weight), and need to get cracking outside and will take motivation from you , pushing that pram. You have much to be proud of!

    1. It does work!
      I lost 30 kg after baby no 1.
      22 kg after baby number 2
      And am now losing -again- weight after getting really sick from a virus late last year and my medical treatments made my weight baloon, but now I am recovered, every walk makes me feel so much better and getting closer back to my goal Xx

  3. Sounds like a great event! Go for it girl :)

  4. Oh cool! Love your blog Rebecca, totally up my alley! So glad to have found you. YAY for UBC connecting us :)

    1. Thanks Jade!
      Yay absolutely! Thanks UBC x

  5. Congratulations! Sounds like it'll be great fun and what a great cause to return to your hometown for.
    Look forward to hearing more about it!

  6. What a fun event. And I love the pram diet, I bet lots of new mums would benefits from that. I am in the UK so sadly will not be seeing your cooking in action, however, I am really looking forward to hearing how it went.

    Love all of your pictures.

    1. Thank you Jacqui!!
      That means so much XX

  7. Oh this is lovely! I just had my 3rd baby and I put on some weight (actually I didn't lose from my second)...now that I think of it, I did lots of pram pushing after my 1st...almost every evening as exercise. Thanks for that reminder and I can't wait to go back to that.

    I really love your blog, btw.

    1. Hi Sharon congratulations on your new baby! How exciting.
      Thank you so much XX

  8. Bek,
    You are such a force for GOOD there where you live! Good for you. It is fun to look at the pictures and walk down your memory lane with you and your experiences in Bundaberg. Have fun at the event!

  9. Wow :)
    Congratulations on all that is happening for you right now. And you are one gorgeous mamma :)

  10. Wow - am so thrilled to have found your blog. It is absolutely fabulous.
    In this recipe for canneloni it's clever to use kale mixed with spinach. I can imagine how much the kids enjoy stuffing the cannelloni. I'll definitely be back here.


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