Edible Sunshine Coast Maroochydore with Maleny Dairies

Recently I had the absolute delight of spreading the local love and presenting a series of EDIBLE SUNSHINE COAST events, right across the coast.

Supporting local businesses in something very close to my heart, it is why I enjoyed teaming up with outstanding local supermarket Maleny IGA so much to create the recipes for their unique, collectible local product local recipe - recipe cards.
(You can find these in store.)
It combined two of my great loves, 
food and community spirit.

Thanks to the Sunshine Coast Libraries I was able spread the messages of eating local through these events, events where I would talk about and showcase locally produced food products.

The range we have here on the coast is simply outstanding. So much talent and creativity. All of the local products I displayed are available from the Maleny IGA who even have their own unique labeling system making it easier for shoppers to buy local. I served  the audience 2 of my recipes from the Maleny IGA recipe card series.
The Buffalo Haloumi Spelt Sour Dough Salad and the Custard Apple Coconut Crumble which was served at every one of these events with beautiful Maleny Dairies custard, yoghurt and THE BEST cream I have ever used. Seriously this cream is so natural with nothing added or watered down that it is that thick you can literally hand whip it and it has this deliciously real yellowy glow to it.

The crowd were delighted to be able to talk to a Sunshine Coast producer about their products, the lovely Meg from Maleny Dairies was a real hit with the audience and enlightened us all about things like permeate and what can be added to the cheap commercial milks you buy from the supermarket. The great thing about Maleny dairies is too that they not only are a local producers but they work with so many Sunshine Coast family farmers and employ so many Sunshine Coast people and are a family business too.
Their cream goes perfectly with the custard apple crumble!
 Real milk
 Sweat Pea the cow with her calf
Maleny Dairies don't just produce dairy products they also have a factory and farm you can visit, farm tours the kids will love and a cafe to relax at and take in the rolling green hills and picturesque township of Maleny.
To find out more about them visit http://malenydairies.com/
Thank you for having me Maroochydore Library and thank you everyone that attended, I enjoyed meeting you all very much.
And of course on top of the product information and talk on why it is so great to eat local and the taste testings we had lucky door prizes too, generously donated by local sunshine coast producers including the famous and extremely well received at all the demonstrations Pomodora's dressings, the stunning Noosa Chocolates who not only donated prizes but also individual chocolate taste samples for ALL participants and of course lovely, fresh Maleny Dairies products 

Happy Cooking!

Bek xx


  1. What a great idea and so important to support local produce when you can. I also like the sound of that crumble!

    1. I think it is such a positive thing we can all do, wherever we live - its a great crumble, let me know if you get to make it Xx thanks for dropping by :)

  2. I have just discovered our local organic farmers market and have supported aussie farmers direct for quite some time now. But, I have not been to something of this size and awesomeness.
    Being in the city it is not always easy to find things like this and buy locally, but I do try.
    What a great event. It sounds like you had a ball :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

    1. Fantastic Becc!
      I do so love doing these events and supporting locals - thanks for reading XX

  3. Support for local produce is awesome! We fail to realise how much better it is for us to eat locally because it is fresher.
    Thanks for this post. You can see the strong community spirit!

  4. My parents live not far from Maleny and I love the cheesery up there - love how you support these locals Bek :)

    1. Oh how wonderful! Yes I love Maleny Cheese, cheeses too! Next time you visit make sure you get to go up to the dairy and check out their amazing cream XXX


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