Fresh Pineapple & Spelt Upside Down Cake

I love fresh pineapple. It smells and tastes so wonderful. I am really lucky to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast where they grow them too. I love taking the kids for a drive and showing them what fields of growing pineapples look like, and even showing them of course the Sunshine Coast's very own icon, the Big Pineapple in Nambour! Here is a cake I created celebrating lovely, fresh, in season pineapples from a commercial project I did for Maleny Iga.

Fresh Pineapple & Spelt Upside Down Cake

Using beautiful fresh, local pineapples in a very decorative upside down cake.  A delicious with a tropical feel.

1 fresh ripe pineapple
1 cup sour pitted cherries (I used Morello)
125 grams butter
5 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon organic vanilla paste
1 cup pineapple juice
2 free range eggs
2/3 cup dark coconut sugar or dark brown sugar
1 & 1/2 cups spelt flour
¾ cup coconut sugar
1 &1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Paper towel

Pre heat oven to 180’c.
Grease a deep cake tin really well, especially the base.
In a saucepan gently melt the 5 tablespoon butter with the dark brown sugar. Stirring constantly. Once it has all melted together, remove from heat.
Pour the butter/sugar mixture into the prepared cake tin.
Remove top and bottom and all skin from the fresh pineapple. Either core the pineapple so you can slice it into rings or cut into cubes. Pat dry on paper towel.
Arrange the pineapple pieces onto the sugar/butter mixture at the base of the cake tin. Fill in the spaces with the Morello sour pitted cherries
Beat the butter and coconut sugar together well, then beat in the vanilla paste, and the eggs.
Sift the flour, baking powder and cinnamon into the butter mixture.
Gradually add the pineapple juice bit by bit, mixing it all together.
Pour the cake mixture on top of the pineapple and cherries.
Bake for approximately 40 minutes or until golden and firm on top to the touch.
Remove from oven and allow to sit in its pan on a cooling rack for approximately 10 minutes.
Carefully run a knife along all edges of the pan to loosen the cake.
Invert the cake onto the serving dish.

A beautiful sweet cake that looks very decorative so perfect for entertaining.
If fresh pineapples are unavailable you could use tinned but fresh gives it a beautiful flavour.

Toddler tips
The sweetness of pineapple makes this a very popular cake with toddlers and kids of all ages.

Images and recipe (c)RebeccaMugridge 2013

Special Note: I love china, especially blue china and I am *just a bit* in love with Maxwell Williams too (no I am not paid to say that in any way) The china you see here in this picture is called Sprinkle by Maxwell Williams and I got it for Christmas from my mum - awww I know right? Best present ever, shes a wonderful mum) sharing with you as I have been asked at a lot at the taste testing events at the Maleny IGA and from facebook posts and this blog post where I get my china/plates/display dishes and what it is called XX


  1. Wow - I love the colors in your blog! The cake looks delicious though I must admit that I'm more a cherry person. :-) Oh and yes - love the blue china too. It caught my eye even before I began to read your blog. Thanks for sharing. ~ Luchie C.

    1. Ah another blue china person after my own heart ;) XX
      Thanks for commenting and reading x

  2. Hi Rebecca this recipe looks yummy as do all the pictures on your site.

    The best pineapple I have had was from the dole pineapple factory in Hawaii. Your post today reminded me of that experience.

    1. Thanks Stephanie!!
      What a wonderful memory X

  3. Wonderful. I can still remember the heady scent of over-ripe pineapples in Bunderburg from 40 years ago. They tasted like honey. A friend could bring home a reject or two to share while he worked cutting them.

    1. Oh yum Francene!!
      I used to live in Bundaberg too!
      Such a great lace for fresh produce XX

  4. You really are blessed, Bek, to live in such an area. The pineapples that we eat travel a LONG ways to get here to Nebraska! Never mind--I'll still try this recipe the next time I have one. Thanks for the yummy recipe, chickie!

    1. Thanks AmyG, we think so :) Love living on the Sunny Coast.
      You could easily used tinned too if that helps XX

  5. Looks great! I have just started experimenting with spelt flour, and it my experiments have gone really well :) I love pineapple upside down cake- such a memory from childhood.

    1. Thanks Robyn!!
      I love spelt flour, isn't it wonderful?!

  6. It looks gorgeous! I've been endeavouring to cut -down (not cut out, too hard!!) wheat and sugar so I've been experimenting with different flours and sweeteners.
    Have you tried coconut flour? Interesting to work with.
    This cake looks really yummy. I love how spelt is a simple change that makes a difference.

    1. Thanks so much Mrs Holsby!!
      I know exactly what you mean, and me too! I am not a fan of extremes, I think making mostly good changes it a great thing but it is also about balance and real life too xx

  7. OMG that looks fabulous!! I've never used spelt flour before but I'd like to try it. I think I might give this recipe a try next time I need to make a dessert :-)

    1. Thank you!!
      Love to hear how you go, I love using spelt XX

  8. You just brought back childhood memories....haven't had pineapple upside down cake since I was a kid xx

    1. Thats awesome!
      It is great fun to bring back the classics with a fresh modern twist xx

  9. LOVE your china set - stands out a mile. The recipe looks so yummy, thank you for sharing

    1. Me too Elise! Isn't it gorgeous! Love blue china and the this sprinkle is divine xx

  10. My Nanna makes the best Pineapple Upside Down Cake, though I haven't made it in a while since being a little unwell. I might try your recipe and take it to her - and then try and prise her recipe out of her hands!

    1. Oh I love a family recipe! Sounds like it a family heirloom!
      There is something about our Grandmothers generation and their amazing cooking hey!
      Sorry to hear you haven't been well :( No fun at all. XX

  11. I LOVE pineapple and coconut. I've never baked with spelt but it sounds really interesting. Is coconut sugar the same as palm sugar or are they different? #teamIBOT

    1. Hi Twitchy no they are different :)
      I love using spelt, it is so much better for you and I think has a lovely texture too XX

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