Beautiful Buderim Ginger

Recently we had a family fun day out at Buderim Ginger !

I was invited out there to taste test two new cordials they are producing.
I can't tell you much about them yet other than they were beautiful and I would highly recommend watching that space! Especially if you are a foodie like me and maybe also if you are a healthy food loving foodie too...

I really like their well established Buderim Ginger Refresher Cordial, have you tried it?
It really stays true to the natural flavours and real, quality ingredients.
You can can tell from the first sip that it comes from actual ginger and is not synthetic.
I was very intrigued to learn they were developing new lines in this area and my taste buds were very excited to be invited out there to taste test and I discovered they were both impressive and most of all were really interestingly different from each other and also the refresher.
They had developed them to be similar enough to compliment each other and yet strong with their own flavour edge.

I liked them both very much but one in particular I really liked and literally can't wait for it's release!

My inner foodie was on fire with ideas.
I really like Buderim Ginger products, not just as a Sunshine Coast producer but because the flavours are real, fresh and invigorating.

I have used Buderim Ginger refresher in recipes like this carved watermelon fruit salad perfect for parties, hot Summer days, a healthy dessert, taking to school instead of muffins for your child's birthday or just for fun!
I also used it in this Mango, Macadamia Trifle,
Which will really impress your dinner guests and is fantastic for Christmas time when mangoes are in season. It can also easily be made dairy free if you have allergies - see recipes notes.
When we revealed the trifle at the Maleny IGA taste testing event before Christmas last year everyone did a big Oooh when they got to the ginger refresher flavoured cake layer, it just added this zing of taste sensation.

It is one of those products that are so versatile they can be used in many different ways and equally enjoyed as is.

Another great product they have is their Naked Ginger which I use in these Moorish Macadamia Biscuits ( GLUTEN FREE)

I love how ginger has so many great health benefits too.
I slice it up fresh into my teapot for a herbal tea and I use it in all my juices like my pink and orange juice pictured here.
 I even have a large pot of ginger growing at my home!
Ginger is the star of my delicious and extremely popular
Moist Carrot & Ginger Cake with Citrus flavoured frosting

A cake that is perfect for entertaining and birthdays. A fresh twist on a beloved classic!

This was my first visit to Buderim Ginger, even though I do live on the Sunshine Coast and I already can't wait to go again. I was very surprised at the extent of the place and how much there was to see, do and taste. It was also extremely kid friendly which gives any place top marks in my book.
Oh and the shopping there!

I have always had a real thing for ornamental ginger plants too and have been fortunate to own and grow them over the last few years so I loved seeing these here too!

The whole place is very open and user friendly, the first foyer you walk through is a visual feast of goodies and products.
The food court is really well set up (and had great coffee - and I like my coffee!) and the grounds are really easy to follow around and all edged with beautiful gardens.
The ornamental ginger plants are breathtaking (also a big favourite of mine) and you can even buy plants there too. To my (horticulturalist) delight many species were labelled so my 7 year took great delight in discovering their names, giving the day an educational slant as well.

My kids absolutely adored the train ride, OK I'll admit it, I loved it too!
Haha, maybe even more than they did!
It was so much fun, ducks even came up alongside
the train as we passed to be fed, just  like being in a live Disney movie, the girls were captivated.

As you drive around you hear about the history and you see all the old tools, and of course a great view of the gardens.

Did I mention I loved their gardens? :)

But for the kids I think one of the greatets highlights are the giant life size gingerbread men!

Yes. We had a ball.

It was absolutely pouring with rain that day (hence my very wet hair do!) so I can honestly say it is also a really great place to take the family sunshine or rain.
Which is great for such a fun tourist attraction.

They also have a boat ride and kids can make their own ginger bread men!

A definite must visit when on the Sunshine Coast.

Below are some snapshots I took of our visit.
Thanks for reading and if you get a chance I would definitely recommend heading out there and having a look, but allow plenty of time to look around and experience it as there is lots to see and do.
You can buy the beautiful Buderim Ginger Refresher and other products by them like their Naked Ginger that I used in the Gluten Free Moorish Macadamia Biscuits and collect the recipe cards from the Maleny IGA and you can find out more about the Buderim Ginger Factory HERE and LIKE them on Facebook

 Rebecca Mugridge x

NOTE: I was not paid in any way for this review of Buderim Ginger. I was invited there to taste test some of their new lines and while there given free entry and a family train ride. The opinions here are my own. 


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I love ginger and have it in some form every day, The drinks sound yum

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Suzie, I love ginger too! I grow both edible and ornamental gingers at home, I juice with it everyday and cook with it all the time.
      Visiting the ginger factory is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds :) xx

  2. so much to love about this post! the yummy food, the beautiful flowers, the FUN! :) looks like a great time was had, and fun for the kids too!

    1. Thanks Patti!
      I was blown away at how amazing the place was, how much more was there than I expected, we had so much fun XX

  3. Oh I love gingerbread and gingerbread lattes! It looks like a great place :)

    1. Me too Sophie!!
      It is such a great oplace to visit and you should see the shop!!

  4. What beautiful pictures! Looks like a great place for kids!

    1. It sure was Cindy! ww had a beautiful time, it really catered for both kids and adults XX

  5. What a fun day! That Ginger place sounds absolutely wonderful! Does the air smell like ginger there?

    1. It was!
      Not really to me, some of the flowers of the ornamental smell pretty and where the kids can bake ginger bread men smell so scrummy, and the food court -yum!
      There is even a stunning ginger perfume!

  6. Thanks for introducing the Buderim Ginger. Your photos and personal stories really make the experience come alive for your readers.

  7. Ginger is one of my all time favourite ingredients.Next time we're up that way we'll have to stop in. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Me too Aleney!
      I would highly recommend it, so much to see and do, and eat! :)

  8. I remember going there on holiday with my father at 15 years old! Loved it then. Would love to take my own family there when they are a little bit older!

    1. It's so wonderul for the kids!
      What a lovely memory.
      My 2 yr old had an absolute ball XX

  9. That looks like a beautiful location. Lucky you getting to visit! My favourite drink at the moment is ginger beer or ale topped up with soda water and a good squeeze and wedge of lime. Yum.

    1. It was such a lovely day out.
      You should try their ginger refresher cordial with soda water - absolutely gorgeous!!
      Thanks for reading and commenting XX

  10. I love anything ginger so this would be a place I need to visit, thanks for sharing so many great pictures.

    1. Me too Chef William!!
      definitely a fantastic place to visit! X

  11. I love ginger too. It's so good for you. Thank you for sharing your potots of the beautiful area. The grounds look like great fun for the children.

    1. Thanks so much Francene, it is a really specialplace to visit. Thanks for reading and commenting! XX

  12. First visit!!! No way! I love cooking school there. We did a French class a few years ago, and it was really wonderful!

    When we get home we'll have to go for a stroll around the gardens - your photos of it look beautiful!

    1. Oh I bet the cooking school there is amazing!!
      The gardens there are so pretty with so many treasures XX

  13. What great photos and it looks like you had a super visit there :)
    Even though I'm just down the road, I've never been .... ginger just doesn't agree with me :(

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting Family Survival Coach! It is so worth a visit for the shop alone :)
      So much gorgeous stuff, and not at all is it all about ginger, lots of beautiful homewares, beauty things, giftware, even clothing and accessories and local products!
      I am planning on doing some of my Christmas Shopping there this year :)
      If you get a chance to go and have a look the grounds and the flowering ornamental gingers are really pretty to enjoy a coffee in too XX


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