MUMS keeping it REAL - Special guest blog with The Yogic Housewife!

MUMS keeping it REAL
Special Guest Blog with Nicola Garcia 
5 Steps to Happiness
I am so very excited to share a very real and inspiring guest post today with The Yogic HousewifeNicola Garcia. I just LOVE it when mums, especially really inspiring ones like Nicola share their wisdom and experiences in a very real life way.
It is like a breath of fresh air on motherhood.
It makes for advice you not only can actually follow as a busy mum, but want to follow too.
Below is such an honest and moving post, one that will help you feel better and feel somuch  happier especially on those days when you really need it the most!
Be sure to follow Nicola's BLOG and Facebook page for more of her inspiring wisdom, and stay tuned for her new book!

Five Steps To Happiness
A short introduction to me (before you get the wrong idea), I am a happiness guru, a positivity pusher, a believer in the Universe and everything coming at the right time. I love to do things that make me happy, spend time with my kids, go on dates with my husband and love my life. But….there are some days when it is just so good to get your grumpiness on….and know that this is not the end of your happiness, but a blip on one day.

Below I share my story of such a day and give you some inspiration for making those days better….

Yesterday, for me, was a long tedious blur. Mantras were not working. 
“I am happy and fulfilled” was not cutting the mustard. I did not feel happy, nor fulfilled.
I woke up in a mood and the rest of the day stretched out in front of me, bleak and full on with two little people to look after.
Let’s just say their behaviour was tipping the wrong side of abysmal.
When my husband, who’s been over-committed to social occasions lately, rolled out of bed, I listed my gripes and that helped release some tension.
I then decided to put my black energy into something constructive.
I tackled the mess that some would call a playroom. I couldn't see the floor. There were toys littered, puzzle pieces in random boxes and cars under my feet.
This gave me the right to provide the evil eye at any person (small or large) that came within my vicinity.
Nobody helped me.

In fact a couple of times I was hindered, but I kept on.
Satisfied when the room was ordered and gleaming, I moved on to the bathroom cupboards and started de-cluttering. As I got to get rid of some of my husband’s things, this provided me with a glimpse of happiness and my mood improved.
I decided to give everything I was putting out to a Women’s refuge: cue feel good moment and a new intensive purpose. My wardrobe was attacked and it now looks stream-lined and healthy. I parted with things I didn’t think I could.
A good cause will make the decision easy.
By midday I was done. I made a vegetable-heavy mince for Bolognese and got mean satisfaction from watching my family chow it down.
Ditto with the risotto I made for dinner.
By 5pm I looked back over my day and was so pleased that my mood turned around.
Fun Mum and Happy Wife came back.

So, my tried and tested steps to happiness are:
Yell At Husband
Tidy and Throw Out Things
Give To Good Cause
Hide Vegetables in Children’s Food
Re-live steps 1 – 4

I would love to know if any of this works for you. Don’t tell your husband or kids that it was me who gave you the ideas!

Nicola Garcia has two children under four and blogs about health and motherhood over at  She has an e-book coming out in June, How To Become One Healthy Mama. You can catch her on facebook (she practically lives there) or tweet her @yogichousewife. 


  1. What a great post! I love reading about Nicola's always sounds so similar to mine, lol!

  2. Hubby never guessed that you were happier because you threw out some of his things? How did that work? I'm not sure I could get away with that! ;)

    1. I don't have a hubby now and can't speak for Nicola but maybe you could throw out things that aren't his or he won't notice for awhile haha :)

  3. I liked Nicola the moment I read her introduction! I wish I felt the energy to clean out things when I am grumpy, but yelling at my husband and hiding things in my kids food comes pretty naturally. Next time I will give cleaning a try. As much as I hate to do it, I know I always feel better once I have something to show for it. Thanks for a fun post!

    1. She is great isn't she!
      I know what you mean Suerae, sometimes the motivations not there but when you get it and get it done it is the best feeling. I started following a facebook page called Soaring above it all, amazing women inspiring you to go to bed each night with a clean house so you wake up happy :)

  4. Oh snap! I just finished tearing around the house venting, cleaning, clearing and venting some more. I have a bag of clothes to give to charity at the door and some spinach cacao brownies in the oven.

    After reading this ....I just got a fresh perspective on what I have been doing.
    Nice work girls x

    1. Great minds think alike xx
      I love this post by Nicola and I love clearing out things! Feels so good xx

  5. Wow! This are my steps through and through! I am a professional vegetable hider, I live for sorting (chucking things away), and I get on such a roll when going through clothes and toy to donate to charity, I end up with bags and boxes filling up the back of the car (a Tarago!).

    1. You guys sure have a lot in common!
      Must definitely be a format that works XX


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