FEATURED - Women's Running Australia Magazine

I am SO excited to have my book featured in the latest issue of Women's Running Australia magazine

I absolutely LOVE this inspiring magazine and I want to run in my first ever fun run or half marathon this year! A big goal for myself :) So this magazine has been a huge source of inspiration for that!

Running in an event would be so amazing and I can imagine the feelings of accomplishment and self belief when you cross that finish line, regardless of where you come, whether you are a beginner or a skilled expert are breathtaking.

I started walking with the pram with my first daughter Lily, and then jogging, it was amazing. We averaged 8 km's a day, 6 days a week.
But it also importantly got me through my Post Natal Depression as well.
Exercise has such a powerful effect on our mood, it is one of the best, free tools we have available to us and can do anywhere, every single day!

I now have another little girl and we have done lots of pram walking and are now excitedly running together most afternoon's. We are just starting out but it is such an amazing bonding experience. My 7 yr old either runs or rides her scooter and the toddler urges us on giggling faster, faster!!

We had a very tough year last year so having this time slot of family fun together is wonderful!

 You can read all about my featured book and how I lost 30 kilos pushing that pram! ( not a fad or gimmick in sight) and even see me interviewed about it on TV by clicking HERE

Rebecca XX


  1. Well done Rebecca.
    After two kids and way too many excess kilos (that I am still in the process of shedding) I have done 3 mini "fun" triathlons in the past 3 months. Kind of addictive :)
    I still have a very long way to go, but am so over the moon that I could complete one let alone 3.
    I am slow and don't get out as often as I should to walk/run, but I try !
    Register for a fun run/half marathon now - it gives you even more motivation to train.
    Good luck and keep up the good work
    Stacey x

    1. Thanks Stacey!
      Go you! That is amazing!
      Thanks so much for your inspiration and comment!
      I am so excited about the idea, and your right. I'm just going to sign myself right up this coming week, no backing out :)

  2. Wonderful success story, Bek. I agree that excercise helps you feel better. Outside with nature you have to shrug wayward thoughts away. I push my walker uphill for ten minutes every day. I hope that counts as well. I'd love to go further, but at the moment, my disability hinders me. I'm hoping the pain and awkwardness will improve with the approach of summer.

    1. Thank you so much Francene!
      Uphill is hard work, your doing a fantastic job!
      Every thing we do does help your right, it really does. I used to have knee issues and the more I exercised and weight I lost the better it got. I am currently recovering from a bad health problem so am really proud of each and every active things I do at the momeent.
      Take care XX

  3. Very inspiring Rebecca! I certainly do agree that exercise can have amazing effects on mood, anxiety, and depression. The hard part for people with depression is that it robs them of their energy, so getting started is the biggest hurdle. Good for you! I wish you the best in your run and with your books!

    1. Thank you so much Suerae!!
      It really is the hardest thing I think. With depression you feel so heavy in every sense of the word, and once you can get the first burst, that first start and it picks you up it starts a momentum that helps you so very much.

  4. Oh girl, you are such an inspiration. I love how you have quality time with your children while you exercise with them. What an example you are setting!!! BTW you look fabulous!

  5. Wow that's amazing! I'm useless at running, would I be able to "powerwalk" instead? ;-)


  6. Very inspiring! I have 30 kg of "baby weight" to lose myself once this baby is born left over from the first one.

    1. Hi A Mummys life!
      You can do it! Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting! Let us know how you go :) XX

  7. Absolutely Sophie! Power walking is super effective - heck I lost 30 kg (66 pounds) doing exactly that!

  8. Thanks for commenting over on my blog, it's a delight to meet you. I ust get hold of your books. I've been an overeater for many years but have got healthy in the last few years and feel SO much better for it. Did lots of ocean swimming this summer, not a great runner, but walk/jog slowly, so good for you.

    Is your latest book out recently also published by Random House? I have a much smaller personal blog called 'The Mum's Diet' which it might suit.



    1. Hi Sydney Kids, Food & Travel
      I will go and check you today, both sites when I get 5! Sounds fab!

      My book, The Pram Diet is published by Random House and available through Australian bookstores and I have 2 new books not relaesed yet

      Thanks so much for droping by my blog!XX

  9. That's so inspiring, Rebecca!
    I buy Runners World Magazine and have been meaning to get my hands on Women's Running Australia. Will have to look out for your article!

  10. Hi Grace! Thank you so much and thanks for reading my blog too! Rebecca x

  11. Congratulations on your having your book featured! I am inspired to get my runners on!

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