{Join In} Sugar free for one week!

Join in a fun challenge for your health and happiness.

A sugar free Facebook Event

You can find plenty of delicious no added sugar recipes right here on my blog too.
So many health experts agree that we all consume way too much sugar, some say it can even become like a poison in our bodies. Whether you consume a little or a lot a conscious decision to go sugar free for 1 week is a great exercise to become conscious of how much sugar your family does consume. You will find yourself shocked when your checking ingredients list, yes it is almost everywhere!
You don't have to give up sugar forever, unless you want too. This is just 1 week. To give our bodies a break and to become more aware of how much we consume and learn new ways of cooking to eat less of it in the future.

Feel free to share recipes, inspiration and ideas with the facebook event page or here in comments.
And check back here tomorrow for a very exciting guest blog interview you will LOVE!

So what can't you have in our sugar free week?Sugar cane sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, white sugar, icing sugar
Artificial sweeteners like aspartame (well technically you could as its sugar free but please don't, it is so bad and yuk :( )
You will need to check ingredients lists and packets.

What can you have?
Natural sweeteners like
Stevia. (I like Natvia)
Coconut Sugar.
Dried Fruit.
Concentrate Fruit Juice.
Maple Syrup.

  • SWAP soft drink for mineral or soda water with freshly squeezed lemons.
  • Make yourself some sugar free sweet goodies for the week (see some recipe ideas below)
  • Buy yourself a sugar free choccy bar, just in case or for a treat. Like Sweet williams.
  • Swap cereals with homemade porridge with fruit and honey.
  • Buy Jalna yoghurt (sweetened with fruit juice) or natural yoghurt.
  • Check your bread! Yes lots of breads have sugar in them. Check the ingredients and find one that is ok, go bread free for the week, swap to a sugar free flat bread or bake some home made bready goodness!
  • If you feel like an alcohol beverage try something like vodka with the Pink Sparkle Drink, fresh tomato and celery juice or fresh homemade orange and mango juice.
  • Try including a fresh juice each day if you have a juicer to really pick up your health.
  • Take some stevia sachets with you so you ask them to use these if you grab a latte when out.

You can also try some of these recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth or choccy cravings too!
Beautiful Beetroot Yoghurt Muffins
(Collect this recipe card from the Maleny IGA)
Rockmelon & Mango Mousse
(Collect this recipe card from the Maleny IGA)
Maleny IGA Healthy Maca Balls
(Collect this recipe card from the Maleny IGA)

On the Sunshine Coast? Grab all the ingredients for these delicious recipes from the Maleny Supa IGA !
Rebecca XX


  1. Great idea to inspire people. I habven't eaten sugar for years. I don't miss it--in fact I find the thought of eating it repugnant. The only sweet think I eat is a teaspoon of honey on roasted oats and bran in the morning. My husband eats sugar and often tries to tempt me. It's easy to say no.

    1. That is fantastic Francene!
      Honey is so much nicer than sugar XX

  2. I don't eat a massive amount of sugar and tend to opt for sweeteners rather than sugar in coffee etc.The beetroot & yogurt muffins sound very interesting!


    1. Thanks Sophie!
      I have become a big stevia fan myself :)

  3. Oh I'm planning on going into the hinterland this week. Will have to pick one up! Thanks for linking up with Eat.Pray.Love.


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