RECIPE Mango & Rockmelon Mousse

Beautiful Mango &Rockmelon Mousse

This recipe has NO added sugar and uses AgarAgar.

A beautiful, creamy mousse with no animal gelatine instead using Agar Agar, so suitable for vegetarians, Agar Agar is a natural gelatine from seaweed with many health benefits. This is a really pretty and tasty guilt free dessert. Serves 4-6 depending on glass sizing.

·         1 bar of Spiral Foods Agar Agar.
·         1 rockmelon, chopped
·         2 mangoes, chopped
·         1 passionfruit
·         2 tablespoons honey (or to taste) SWAP for rice malt syrup for a vegan version
·         250g yoghurt, I use Maleny dairies, Jalna, Qld yoghurt, or Coyo coconut yoghurt for a vegan version. look for a full fat yoghurt that does not have sugar or artificial sweeteners in it!
·         ½ rockmelon extra to decorate, cut into long thin strips or cubes.
·        1 mango;  ½ mango extra to decorate, cut into long thin strips or cubes, ½ mango sliced for layering in the serving dishes.
·         6 Fresh cherries (or to taste)
·         Soak one bar of the Agar Agar in 3 cups water, until soft.
·         Place the water and Agar bar into a saucepan and bring to the boil, then continue to boil slowly for 15 minutes, lowering the heat a little but so it is still hot, stirring, do not leave.
·         Blend the rockmelon and flesh from 2 mangoes.
·         Pour the mango/rockmelon mixture into a large bowl and add in the yoghurt.
·         Sweeten the mango mixture with the honey, using less or more to taste.
·         Pour the Agar Agar mixture into the mango mixture.
·         Combine well.
·         Pour the mixture into decorative serving bowls, glasses or large serving bowl.
·         Layer with the Agar mixture and then the mango from the ½ cup set aside, finishing with Agar mixture.
·         Decorate with the extra mango and rockmelon.
·         Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
·         Garnish each glass with a fresh cherry (when in season – optional)
·         Serve.
·         Sweeten the mousse to personal taste with the honey, using less or more as desired.
·         Honey could be swapped for stevia for fewer calories.
·         Great dinner party dish or for a low fat delicious dessert for the family.
·         Can be made the day before a dinner party and kept in the fridge.
·         If cherries are out of season use an alternative like a strawberry or fresh raspberry to garnish.
Toddler Tips
·        Pour their servings into clear plastic decorative glasses or bowls or very little cups like plastic shot glasses and drop cubes of rockmelon and mango through the mixture.
·         Kids tend to like theirs really fruity so add plenty of chopped melon and mango into their mixture. You could also include a small one of these in a school lunch box with an ice brick to keep it cool.

This recipe is from the commercial work I did for the Maleny Supa IGA Local Product Local Recipe - recipe card series


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