MOTIVATION Just keep going

You've been eating really well, drinking plenty of water and you have even been going to the gym or walking or {insert exercise here}.
Your feeling pretty empowered, positive and most of all excited to see some results! You know its only been a week or two but still in your mind you might be hoping...

THEN.. you jump on the scales and look at yourself naked in the mirror and feel a little crushed that you haven't transformed into a bikini model from all your hard work and effort yet.
Your not alone.
Many people start out on a health kick, exercise routine or diet and then give up in the first few weeks when they don't see Hollywood style dramatic instant results.

So how do you keep the motivation going?

Pay attention to your body. Yes, your body because we are all so different.
  • Measure yourself right at the start, sometimes we lose cm's rather kilo's on the scale.
  • Look at your skin, your complexion, notice the glow of health starting to show.
  • Really notice how you feel in your body, does it feel lighter? Generally better all over? Like things are working better? Do you feel less bloated? Less tired all the time? Less lethargic?
  • Is that muscle tone you are starting to see in your arms? Legs? Shoulders?
  • Do you feel stronger?
  • Do you feel that you have increased your endurance? Your overall fitness level?
  • Is the exercise helping to boost your mood? Reduce depression? Reduce Stress? Make you feel happier?
  • Are your clothes feeling a little looser? Fitting on you better?
  • Has the changes led to making new great friends, also wanting to lead a healthier life or who maybe already are?
  • Does a health condition seem to be improving maybe?
  • Have a good think at all the benefits you really are feeling and maybe seeing so far and tell yourself with a HUGE SMILE in the mirror - there is going to be more and more exciting changes to come!
So many changes start to happen throughout your body when you start embracing healthier choices and regular exercise. Get excited about all of them. About the journey you are on to get to know your body so well, to feel the joy of nourishing it, of challenging it with exercise, feel the great benefits of treating it well.

Inspire yourself daily. Surround yourself with genuine people who uplift and inspire and yes motivate you. Read about other inspiring stories to keep motivated.

And you WILL get there, you just need to KEEP GOING!

Rebecca xx

For extra inspiration you can read about my weight loss journeys here:
And of course in My Heartfelt Book where I share my very personal story x


  1. Rebecca, I so needed to hear this. My challenge is getting started, it's staying motivated for the long haul! After seeing family pics at Christmas I realized it is time to get serious about getting healthy in 2013. I know where I come when I am feeling like giving up!

    1. Here's to a healthy, vibrant 2013 Minette!
      I think it is really exciting when something happens like a comment that throw us, especially when its from an unexpected source or we see a photo or something similar and we then feel a huge desire within to get started and make some healthy changes.
      Its like a burst of inspiration, a true silver lining in that moment and it has such driving power to achieve our goals
      Thanks so much for commenting! x

  2. What fantastic words to share... and yes, so necessary for each and all. I am so glad to have found you via Ultimate Blog Challenge today.

    (and ummmm... my younvest is 11 and I still haven't lost my baby weight!!)

    1. Hi Julie! And thank you so much for coming by my blog and leaving a comment.
      Here's to a sensational 2013!

  3. This is such a great post. So many people get fixated on the numbers, and that's not what it's about at all. Awesome reminder! Keep on walking with that pram!

    1. Thank you so much Liz! And I will! I have two kids now since the book but we are actually off on one now!

  4. Great post! It's indeed so important to listen to our body. I find it so difficult to find motivation for exercising... At least, I'm trying to eat more healthy after the holidays.

    1. Thank you!!
      Good on you! Healthier eating is such an important part of feeling good! Here's to an exciting and healthy 2013 x


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