2013 - Peace, Freshness & Happiness xx

In 2013 I am looking to fill my heart and life with peace, happiness and freshness.
I have so much inspiration and excitement for 2013 and there is a great many things that are happening with me this year that I am almost bubbling over!
I am also aiming to bring more of that peacefull element in and create more organised balance between all the things that are important to me, and to strive to live most of my days thankful for each and every one, so very thankful for my beautiful children and loving family, thankful for dear friends and the many wonderful people in my life and all the inspiring people I get to work with, the people I get to connect with and to meet.
SO thankful for all the opportunities in my life.
I want to also thank YOU for your support.
And to wish everyone great peace and prosperity for the great, fresh new year of 2013
Empower yourself in 2013- Start your year feeling fresh and at peace.

Let the very word, fresh, guide you and inspire you on each day ahead.
Have a fresh outlook on life - it feels so good...
A fresh take on your career, your lifestyle, what makes you truly happy.
Give yourself the benefit of a fresh new opinion of YOURSELF.
A fresh look at how amazing YOU are, on what you have to be thankful for, the blessings in your life, your talents, your skills, how far you have come and at the amazing possibilities that lie before you right now...
Start your new year with peace and love in your heart and mind.
Fill yourself with passion and follow your inspiration.
Fill your heart and mind with PEACE.
Let go of all negative thoughts as much as you can, leave them behind this fresh new year, move on from what or who brought you down, what makes you feel ill at ease, what takes too much of your time or thoughts without making you really happy, dwell less on past hurts, disappointments, miscommunication, wrong turns and mistakes, we all have them and they are part of the colourful rainbow that is our whole life experiences up to this very point.
Speak your mind and your heart. Be true to yourself and what matters to you. Be kind, be considerate, be forgiving, be compassionate and be strong. Speak kindly of others and yourself.
Learn to love yourself, in all ways, all of you. Love that things that are going well but also love the things that may take work or are a lot to deal with at times, there is always a silver lining and they do also cause you to appreciate, grow and learn as a person.
Most of all embrace and get passionate about your health for it is at the true heart of happiness.
Look forward into 2013 with an open heart and great excitement at the possibilities!
I am greatly looking forward to sharing the 2013 journey with you!!

If you too are on a journey like mine in 2013 why not leave your blog address below.

Much love,

Rebecca xx


I love that you found yourself on my blog!
Thank you reading.
Have a gorgeous day!

Rebecca X

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