Natural, safe, chemical free, clean dishes with Kin Kin Naturals

There is something so inspiring about how each and every purchase we make as consumers can make a huge difference in the world around us and our own families lives and health.

The more you look into the chemicals that surround our day to day living the more you see how dangerous they can be for our families health, just how many there truly are and what a cocktail we can come into contact with over the course of just a single day, even just around our house, our houses that are supposed to be our safe havens and loving homes of our family.

Even little purchases you might not at first think of like your dishwashing liquid can have a big effect on making your home environment a healthier one, after all dishwashing is something we do, and we do all the time!

Here on the Sunshine Coast where I live, through shopping at my favourite local supermarket the Maleny Supa IGA I fell in love with the most beautiful dishwashing detergent that is made right here and has so much heart in it's creation.

Kin Kin Naturals

"A Noosa Hinterland based family business, passionate about making local, all natural products that actually work. We only use ingredients we would put in our own backyard or on our children's skin."Felix is a PhD qualified formulator, who used to work for OMO. His skills level is unique in the world of ECO products.

You can buy the beautiful range of Kin Kin ECO products at the Maleny Supa IGA

Skin friendly, grey water safe and biodegradable.

"I feel so relieved to know I am able to easily buy a good quality, affordable product to wash my families dishes with that is Kin Kin Naturals, a product that is so safe to use, affordable and really works. It is an easy choice that I can make for around my home that makes my children's lives healthier and safer, supports an amazing local business and helps the environment too." Author Rebecca Mugridge.

What are you washing your family's dishes with??

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