Healthy ICY Treats - Smooze!

As the weather heats we reach for icy cold treats to cool the kids down, but so many are jamme packed full of sugar, colours and all sorts of ingredients that we don't even know the names of.

How to cool the kiddies down without the nasties?

The Smooze Fruit Ice treats !

Individually-packaged icy fruit treats, Smooze Fruit Ice contain only 66 calories per serve*!
Smooze Fruit Ice is made with a base of coconut milk, with real fruit added to create four delicious flavours – Pineapple + Coconut, Pink Guava + Coconut, Mango + Coconut and Simply Coconut. 100 per cent natural, Smooze Fruit Ice is the perfect summer snack for Australians with gluten, dairy and preservative intolerances. Smooze Fruit Ices are so healthy there’s no need to call them a ‘treat’ – the entire family can enjoy them every day!

Box of 10 / RRP $6.49
The beautiful Mango & Pink Guava (YUM) is in stock RIGHT NOW at Maleny Supa IGA


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