Beatiful Planet Eco Gardening Kits for Kids

As a horticulturalist and a mum I just love seeing kids in the garden, growing things, eating freshly picked veggies, smelling flowers, picking and cooking with herbs, discovering amazing insects, exploring and learning, unleashing their imagination in the natural world.

As parents we can help to inspire and nurture the love of the outdoors that children just overflow naturally with by giving them spaces in our own backyards or on our patios where they can grow things.

I have worked in the nursery industry for many years and one of the greatest joys is seeing children get excited about a gardening project.

The kits by Planet Eco  are amazing, they are beautifully presented and packaged and full of things for the children to get excited about. The fact that they are also environmentally friendly means they tick all the right boxes.
They would make an ideal Christmas Gift or Birthday Present.
I know they are going to be on our families Christmas shopping list!

This kits are so beautiful and give children a present that not only unleashes their imagination but gives them the opportunity to experience all the benefits of their own garden, to get excited about getting outside and seeing things grow.
Gardening has so many benefits to children including building a sense of accomplishment, responsibility and best of all a real sense of wonder as they nurture and then see their tiny seeds grow into plants and then into beautiful flowers, useful and fragrant herbs or delicious, healthy food they can eat!
The garden is a live science lesson as they learn about plants, what plants needs are, the insect world and how things grow and work together in the garden.

These would have to be the most beautiful and also practical children's gardening kits I have seen - I was very impressed.
And what better way to inspire a fussy eater to eat their vegetables - than to grow their very own!!

You can buy your very own Planet Eco Kits at

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