RECIPE Sensational Strawberry Season Granita

Celebrating beautiful strawberry season I created this Simple Strawberry Granita and icy pole recipe thanks to beautiful fresh strawberries from the Maleny Supa IGA

I just love strawberries fresh into smoothies, on top of natural yogurt and just as they are! Yum xx

Such a beautiful dish that really celebrates the lovely, juicy strawberries that are in season right now.
I love how this dish is just perfect for the glorious weather at this time of year and can be also made into the fun and funky children’s icy-poles as described in the notes.
This was created with the beautiful fresh, local strawberries found in the Maleny Supa IGA

  • 3 cups strawberries washed and with tops removed
  • 1 cup icing sugar
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 cup water
  • Place a tin in the freezer, ideally this should be a tin at least 30 cm across like a lamington tin
  • Blend the strawberries
  • In a bowl combine lemon juice and water and icing sugar, whisk together until sugar is dissolved
  • Add in the strawberries by pushing the blended strawberries through a strainer
  • Stir together, the mixture will taste a little too sweet and tangy with the lemon – these flavours to become much more mild once it is frozen,
  • Pour into tin and place in the freezer. You ideally want it about 1 to 2 cm’s deep.
  • After about 20 – 30 minutes using a fork lightly flake away from the edges ( it will be more frozen here) and mix through and leave again the freezer, repeat again in another 20 – 30 minutes
  • After about an hour and a half it should be completely frozen
  • Serve immediately
  • Garnish with fresh strawberries and fresh mint leaves
  • Serve in a parfait glass or a decorate glass or dish
  • Beautifully refreshing on a nice sunny day
Toddler Tips
  • This is also gorgeous made into homemade icy-poles!  There is two ways you can make them, using the exact mix above or healthier by just using pureed strawberries – though this will be a little tart and may not be palatable to all kids.
    You will need: plastic cups, clean new paddle pop sticks or similar (food grade)
  • Using plastic cups fill about half way with strawberry mixture, put in the freezer. Depending on how deep they should freeze solid in a couple of hours. After about 45 minutes check to see how firm they are in if fairly firm insert the stick in the centre, it should stand up by itself. If it slides over remove it and wait another 20 minutes or so.
  • Using a juicer, juice 1 whole pineapple. Pour this on top of the frozen strawberry icy-poles. Leave to set completely hard
  • Within another hour or so (make sure it is set properly) you will have delicious ready to eat icy-poles the kids will love that just taste of summer! To ease the icy poles out of the cups run the cup just briefly under luke-warm water and then it should come off easily.
This recipe is from the collectable Local Product Local Recipe - recipe cards
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