Little Quacker Organic Rice Biscuits - Product Review

When you first think rice cracker you often think savoury so I was really suprised to review strawberry flavoured rice crackers for kids.

As a mum, I will always look for the organic option first, as a horticulturalist I know what chemicals can go onto our fruits and vegetables so I can only imagine with horrors could happen to other foods.

We should be more aware about all the food we buy and consume but when it is food for our babies, our children we need to be informed, we have to care, we need to ask questions, we need to be sure what we are feeding their growing little bodies is safe and healthy.

Seeing a product like the little Quackers rice biscuits that is organic and still fun gives it a huge thumbs up from the mum perspective but these crackers got the whole families tick of approval!
The box did not last long at all!

They were cute, in easy, ready to go packaged servings and obviously tasted amazing!

"Made with organic certified rice, mums can now be sure that their kids are receiving a range of nutrients required for healthy growth and development. Organic products are clinically proven to contain a higher mineral and nutrient count than those which are farmed using a high level of chemicals.
Little Quacker Rice Biscuits are gluten, nut and egg free; ideal for those who are allergy-prone. No artificial colours, additives or ingredients are added to Little Quacker Rice Biscuits and they are oven baked."RRP $3.75 for a 60g box. Little Quacker Rice Biscuits are available in Coles and Woolworths and online at

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