Grow Your Own Sprouts! A FUN way to get kids excited about fresh food


Another fun activity to get children loving healthy food, learning about food and enjoying food, and this one has quick results!!

Kids in the Kitchen FUN
Growing fresh sprouts is a really fun way to get kids excited about healthy eating.
Unlike a lot of vegetables there is really quick results and each day something new to see, you can do it in any home space or classroom and they are eating the results in just a few days!!

What you will need:

·         1 medium sized clean jar.
·         1 small square of clean, new flyscreen (or something similar)
·         1-2 tablespoons of alfalfa sprouts (these can
 be found in most garden centres- look for organic ones too - you can also sprouts lots of other things, ask the nursery staff)
·         2 rubber bands
·         Water
·        Place the seeds in the jar, cover the opening with the flyscreen and secure in place with the rubber bands
·         Fill with water approximately half way and let sit for 8 hours
·         Drain
·        Set upside down on a slight angle so they can dry and get air circulation, a dish rask can be  good for this – leave for 12 hours
·         Fill up again with water, swish around so all
are well moistened.
·         Drain for 12 hours
·         Fill with water, swish around
·         Drain again for 12 hours
·         Continue this method for between 3-6 days and lots of big sprouts should be well visible
·         When sprouts are grown and green place jar
in a well lit place for approximately 4 hours
·         You may want to separate the husks now
·         Rinse and enjoy
·         Do not place in direct sunlight
·         Experiment with other sprout types and combinations
·         Make into delicious salad sandwiches, salads
 or on top of crackers with a great cheese, tomatoes and avocado for a fun, delicious lunch!
Make it a real live science lesson for kids by writing notes
at each step and on what they see each time they re-wet and drain. They could even take a photo each day from
start to finish and create a poster of the whole experience, great for show and tell too!

My girls like theirs fresh on Quinoa crackers XX

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