Healthy Food IS Beautiful

BEAUTIFUL FOOD Healthy, natural food is gorgeous.

Appreciate the wonder of nature and its bounty or edibles.

Take the time to have a clean fridge and display your vegetables with care and thought so when you open the door a beautiful collection awaits you - filling you with inspiration for a loving family meal or a great quick bite to eat.
Select your produce with interest, smell the fruit, think of exciting ways to cook the vegetables, new recipes to try.
Look for interesting types you have never tried, heirloom varieties, organics grown with passion. Appreciate all the nutrients these wonderful foods will provide you and your family.

Find local suppliers, farmers markets.
Swap produce with neighbours.

Have fruit out on show in a bowl. Edible art.

Grow vegetables in your flower gardens - they are beautiful plants.

Plant a fruit tree.

Help your local kindergarten grow cherry tomatoes for the kids.

When we start to see healthy food as the delicous world of flavours, nutrients and ingredients it is, when we take the time to discover how interesting it all is we do fall in love with healthy eating and healthy food.

Rebecca x

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PS Hope you like the pictures of some of our families home grown edibles :)

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