Best Australian Blogs Competition!

I am REALLY excited to be one of the many fantastic blogs in the People's Choice Sydney Writers Centre 2012 Best Blogs Competition.
If you want to vote for me and my writing follow this link:
I am under A on the first page for Author Rebecca Mugridge :)
There are many fantastic blogs on the list-many of my favourites so don't forget to have a look through and vote for all the ones you love because you can vote for as many as you like but only fill out the voting form once!
A HUGE thank you to the Sydney Writers Centre for the amazing opportunities and support it provides for Australian writers!
Good luck to all the nominee's
And most of all THANK YOU for voting for me anyone that does! xx


  1. I voted for you!!! I love your ideas....SOOO simple and yet attainable by one and all!! Keep on inspiring!!! <3

    Jodie Edom

  2. Congratulations Rebecca! Well deserved :)

    Some people may have trouble with the link as I did (I think it has something to do with having my own Survey Monkey account). I just copied & pasted the url and that seemed to fix it.

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks so much for working that out Bridget! I really appreciate it and for voting for me! xxxx

  4. Good luck Bec, fingers crossed for you.
    Kylie from


I love that you found yourself on my blog!
Thank you reading.
Have a gorgeous day!

Rebecca X

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