Shedding the Baby Weight with Pram Walking Bliss

Pram Walking is simply one of the easiest, cheapest and most accessible ways for mums to get out there and start their journey to be healthier, happier and have more energy.
In fact it's FREE!

But WHY is pram walking so good? You have a pram-so no upfront cost there, your baby is with you-so no worrying or juggling babysitting, your getting out of the house-something every mum needs to do on a daily basis, your in the fresh air-this will make you feel SO good, your getting those great feel good endorphins-something mum's need! And you can even make it a social outing!-Adult conversation!
And new research has shown that regular pram walking can help prevent and ease the symptoms of post natal depression. Read my post on popular parenting website sunny coast kids on pram walking and the powerful link between exercise and depression HERE
It's also great for effective, long term weight loss and you can do it wherever you live without spending a cent!

Pram walking isn't just good for mum-its good for baby too.Your baby takes in more than you realise, when they are relaxed and comfortable in a pram they listen to the birds, the breeze in the trees, the different engine noises of cars, trucks and motorbikes. They see the dogs they pass, the bright flowers, the smiles from people you pass.
It becomes just as much of an outing for them as it does for you. If you time it right you can even have them drift off to a soothing sleep to the relaxing motion of the pram rocking as you walk.

Read my tips on a happy, successful pram walk with babies HERE
As they get older it become a real interactive experience and you can sing and talk and point out things as you go. You can upgrade to a toddler bike so they are really so much more involved in the whole experience but under no pressure to peddle the whole way (trust me pushing a little trike 2 or 3 km's and carrying a toddler is not much fun for your back.)

This is a great time to practise songs and nursery rhymes together, to teach them words and the names of the things they see. You can incorporate a play at the park in the middle of the walk to wear them out and make it really fun for them or a trip to a shop or post office-maybe they can even post a drawing to a Grandad or an Aunt?

 As they get older still they can ride a bike or scooter along side you and you realise you have started a positive active routine as a family! Keep this going if you have more babies and the whole family joins in, in what becomes a beautiful way to bond and be active together.
I myself have found that during our family pram walks is when my oldest really opens up and tells me all about school and things she has been doing and learning, she has my full attention, I'm not thinking of housework, my toddler is generally happy chattering away, nibbling, looking about or listening in so Í don't have to worry or entertain her, I can actively listen, we have a real conversation in between bursts of fast paced walking.

How do you get the most benefit out of a pram walk? 
To get the real weight loss benefit you should start small and gentle so you don't put yourself and then build on that routine. The first week should be just enjoyable-nothing over the top.
You also need to get your doctors full permission after a health check up to make sure everything is o.k.
You will need to get the timing right for YOUR baby. Every baby is different and there will be a different time of the day that suits your baby best, work that out and it will be a great outing for you both.
Pick up the pace. Once you have got that first week off to a flying start you can start to really pick up the pace, make your walks work for you and get the best results.
Go further and walk faster. The faster you walk and the longer you make your strides, the more you will get from it. Keep good posture as you walk and use your stomach muscles, feel the effort in your arms, your legs, your bottom, everywhere. be conscious of your body and how using all the different muscles feels. This is your body get to know it.

Challenge yourself. If you keep doing the same route at the same pace your body will just get used to it so mix it up. Some days add some hills, push the pram through grass verges or sand. Go longer distances add in some short bursts of jogging into the mix.
I also recommend stretching before and after a pram walk.
Keep it interesting. Find some great areas around where you live to go for a walk, maybe its in a national park? By a beach? Along a river walkway, through a forest or around a cute little town. Join up with a friend and have a coffee afterwards and a park play or explore somewhere new.
As you become more confident in your body and exercising you can really amp things up a notch by joining a mum's exercise group, trying a sport, a marathon or even joining a gym. Using your pram walks as the foundation of your new and exciting vibrant lifestyle!

Pram walking is something I cannot recommend enough-it helped me through PND, helped me lose a LOT of weight after 2 babies and gave me a love of exercise, seriously walking works!

You can read ALL my tips, how I got motivated and STAYED motivated, how I lost over 30 kilo's, How I started growing my own food, what I ate and all my delicious recipes that the whole family will love in my uplifting book The Pram Diet R.R.P $19.95
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Rebecca xxx


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