Between the Lines Reader Group-reads the Pram Diet book

Between the Lines Reader group based on the Sunshine Coast are currently reading the Pram Diet book.
I am just loving their take on my book!

"CHAPTER OVERVIEW: Nurturing Your Self pg 27.
I ♥'ed the mantra quote:
"The very best person to be is the very best version of myself"

So true, I think as mothers we can put our needs last - making sure the kids are bathed and fed, Hubby's lunch is packed and clean work clothes - we forget that we are just as important to be eating well, have some time to soak in the bath...this was a great starter for me in the chapter!"

If you are reading, thinking of re-reading or want to read the book there is still time to join in the experience with them or even just read what they are talking about and think of the book. They meet in person and also online and have a facebook page where you can join in HERE

I am so delighted to have them reading my book xx


  1. Well, congratulations on this and on your book. Sounds so helpful and encouraging. Actually this is similar to how I lost my pregnancy weight 20-odd years ago after the birth of my daughter. It's so great you've been able to put it in such a great book.

  2. Thanks so much Leigh!
    It is such a thrill as an author to have others reading your book!
    I really love to share with other mums too that you can do it the healthy way, that you don't need to buy expensive equipment, skip meals or buy expensive diet products.
    Really appreciate your feedback xx


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