Reviews for Healthy Mumas the Cookbook

Reviews for Healthy Mumas loving Healthy Meals
The first in my Healthy Mumas series...and yes the edible gardening book is not too far away!!
(I know how many times I have been asked for it and I promise it's on its way!)

Michelle Hendricks
I cannot thank Rebecca Mugridge enough! Not only has she been a huge inspiration for me to get up and do the PRAM diet - but now with new book Healthy Mumas is jammed packed full of amazing simple recipes and cooking ideas for my family to try!!! I cannot wait to see the kilos fall off !!! Thank you again Rebecca!!!

Jessica Jantzen
Healthy Muma's book is a such an easy no-nonsense book with fantastic cooking ideas which are quick and easy to prepare. Being a full time mum working and running a household, this book let me know that I was NOT alone, that we are ALL busy and the receipes are so so easy and quick to make! Thank you Rebecca, this book is Wonderful! Jessica Jantzen

Donna Shiflet
Thank you Rebecca for such great inspiration to take care of my health and my family. We are excited to try more of your recipes with our toddlers.Lots of great & delicious alternatives

 Sharon Bethel
This book is a must read for those who feel they don't have enough time to cook healthy and appetizing meals. It is full of healthy ideas, and inspiring words of wisdom to reignite your love affair with healthy foods. Rebecca has a down to earth and practical way of presenting healthy foods in a way that has you looking forward to getting in the kitchen and cooking (and how to get the whole family involved). This book will help you feel good about yourself, and help you achieve balance in your life rather than feeling guilty for indulging in lifes pleasures. Thankyou Rebecca for your your inspiring words of wisdom

Kristy GW
Healthy Mumas is not just a recipe book. It's full of positive, reassuring information if (or when) you happen to fall off the "healthy diet wagon". I love the 'Notes' and 'Toddler Tips' at the end of the recipes too. I'm excited to introduce new recipes to the family - thanks Rebecca

Xanthe Burton
Great realistic information and pantry requirements- fresh & yummy recipes, I like the smoothies especially! Excited to see results with my own body and also the reassurance that my young children are receiving brilliant nutrition too!

Healthy Mumas loving Healthy Meals
Fall in love with healthy food

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