Embrace a Healthy Approach-Not a Quick Fix

Embracing a healthy lifestyle is different to losing weight in a quick fix.

Embracing a healthy lifetsyle empowers you in your own body. It makes you stronger.
It gives you self belief. It actually gives you power.

Following a quick fix might work in the short term but it can also have dangerous risks.

Risks to your health. Skipping meals, having meal replacements or folowing a wierd or overly strict diet can have potential very damaging long term effects, especially as many of these methods actually restrict nutrients and most of real, wholesome fibre-something you body really needs to be healthy.
The human body is designed to eat food. To taste it. To digest it. To get what it needs from it and then finally to clean itself out with it.
You might lose weight-but that does not mean you are healthy. Skinny does not equal healthy just as overweight doesn't either.
Healthy is eating a balanced diet, proper nutrious fibre rich food, drinking lots of clean water, exercising, stretching, and having important moments to relax and be calm, having creative pursuits, laughing often and appreciating and respecting yourself.
This is balance and self worth...
The key to a healthy, happy life.

Quick fixes also pose real risks to your happiness. The  biggest issue with quick fixes and ''miracle'' fads most experts will tell you is they are not maintanable long term.

You lose weight quickly but as soon as you try and live a normal life again, eat meals with your family or try and be in the real world again the weight comes back and this is where it is very dangerous to your happiness...It risks your self esteem, your sense of self worth. It can make you feel cheated, feel frustrated, feel weak. It can make you feel that it is your fault. Your just not strong enough...
It can lead to depression and even eating disorders in extreme cases.
You are not actually learning healthy habits. Your not learning about your body and what fuels it and nourishes it. What makes it work really well and makes you feel really good.

As someone who spent years having issues with my body and an eating disorder in my teens and has been very, very underweight right over to topping the scales at 100 kilo's and followed SO MANY fad diets and quick fixes during this period-many with quick results followed by weight gain I can personaly tell you that the only way truly that you will be really, honestly going to be happy with your body and find that place within yourself where you feel proud to be you is through embracing whole heartedly a healthy lifestyle.

Don't waist time trying to find a short cut. Don't waste time thinking it is unfair to have a body type that seems not naturally carry extra weight.
Be excited that you do because it is what will motivate you to find your personal power. To be the exciting, healthy, strong version of you!

If you ever find yourself feeling down because you have to work at a healthy weighjt remind yourself if you were naturally tiny and very slim you might take your health for granted. You might never think to exercise really, to try fun ways to get fit to be active with friends, to experience all the great many benefits from exercise and how it boots your mood and reduces stress too.

To be an inspirational role model to your children and your friends and family by embracing being you! Being a healthy, vibrant you!

Rebecca xx


  1. a great blog Rebecca and I could not agree with you more... adopting a healthier way to eat every day not only gets you where you want to be, but sets our son's and daughters up with a healthy relationship with food too.
    Love your work - mish from mishfit x

  2. Exactly!

    Thanks Mish!!
    That means a lot coming from you xx


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