I WON!! I am SO excited to share that I won the Bio-Oil Connect2Mums People's Choice BEST PRODUCT Award!!

I am thrilled to share that I won the Bio-Oil Connect2Mums Mumpreneur People's Choice  *BEST PRODUCT* Award!!
Winning this has meant so much and caused me to take a moment today to reflect and realise how far I have come in 5 years. 5 years ago I was really overweight, suffering from depression and miserable after the birth of my daughter Lily.

Everything changed one day, upon reaching a frightening breaking point.

Since that day I lost 30 kilo's in weight, discovered an important link between exercise and happiness, found the joy that radiates from health, had a book published with Random House, been on A Current Affair twice and the 7 news twice, been on radio and in numerous newspapers and magazines including slimming and health, who, that's life and womans day, and on websites like bellyhood.com, blackmores online, mirror.co.uk.
Had another baby, moved from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast, written another book and am working through an ebook series, along with contributing to websites such as sunnycoastkids.com.au, buginabook.com and mum's lounge amongst some other exciting developments..

And now I am the very excited winner of an award that I admire and respect so very much.

The Connect2mums Mumpreneur Awards celebrate women achieving wonderful things. From inventors to designers to retailers to business owners to experts in their chosen fields.
It is a true honour to be amongst them, was indeed an honour to be a finalist and is so fantastic to be the winner with my book in the best product.
Showing that book's definately can be sensational products that can make a real difference in people's lives.
That book's are creations of passion, artistic talent and a great achievement.

Thank you deeply everyone who supported me in the Mumpreneur Awards, it has maent so much to me and I cannot express my thanks enough.

Rebecca xx

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