From little things big things grow

When we look up at something we want to achieve or create in our lives, future or a business idea it can often seem very daunting.

As an author I can tell you if I knew before I started writing my first book just how much effort and work was going to be needed I might have gone to the beach instead; but it was approaching it with joy and a little at a time that led me to end up proudly with a finished product.

I have been asked many times was it hard to write a whole book? This is a tricky answer for me anyway because when I write it is me sitting down with creative passion, fingers flying over the keyboard typing away and leaving many an error in their wake. I am not focused on how much is needed or even that much of strict guidelines of what I am writing about rather I am following my inspiration and while it flows I write.

It is a small step to a bigger goal.
I do this over and over until I compile a lot of material and then I actually organise editing sessions for myself. I do this separately because if I tried to do everything at once it would seem such an immense task that I might just get put off or procrastinate. That's me anyway.

I work best by combining little steps into big results.

It has been the same for me with weight loss.

Every little step I take towards being healthier ad's to another little step and another until I step back and realise just what a big change all these little steps created. Instead of looking at my weight after my daughter Lily and saying crikey I have over 30 kilo's to lose or even the 22 after Violet I kept focusing on how far I could walk each day. I had little goals, I actually started with just 2 house blocks and ended up walking 8km's a day! By the time I reached the 8 walking each day was so ingrained in who I had become it wasn't even something I thought about, it had become a regular part of my life, a habit even.

When I focused on including some healthy ingredients each day and making small positive changes it became very easy to make more and more little changes each week and I realised this was why I failed again and again on so many diets-it was too much, too drastic for me all at once. It might work well for some but for me it had resulted in so many years of yo-yoing weight and more failed diets than I can remember!

Sometimes to create that dramatic change and to succeed in our plans, dreams and goals, we can take small steps, tackle it in pieces that all come together for a much bigger picture.

Like the song said, "From little things big things grow."

Never underestimate the power of small positive steps xx


I love that you found yourself on my blog!
Thank you reading.
Have a gorgeous day!

Rebecca X

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