How DO you become ( and stay ) a motivated mum?

Becoming ( and staying) a healthy motivated mum

How do you become a healthy, positive, motivated mum and stay motivated?
How do you then use this motivation to lead an active lifestyle lose weight in a healthy way after having kids and keep it off for good?

Look at losing weight in a healthy, long term way.

If your much more focused on being healthy than just shedding some kilo’s you will be so much more likely to actually keep it off!

A healthy motivated mum is one who eats a balanced diet, gets some regular exercise, makes time to relax when she can grab 5 minutes to herself and has a positive self esteem in regards to herself. It’s all about looking after the whole person that s the mum, not just the numbers that move on the scale.

It’s a mum who wants to lose the post baby kilo’s the healthy way, by not skipping meals, starving herself, giving herself a hard time or following fads and quick fixes but by embracing a balanced healthy diet and the benefits of fresh foods.
It’s a mum who wants to get healthy, feel strong and fit in her own body for herself, not to be like somebody else.
It’s a mum who embraces who own body as unique and beautiful, a body that grew life inside it, a body worth caring about and treating with respect.

 Embrace your own path.

Don’t compare yourself with others or try and compete with someone else’s weight loss. We are all different and all our bodies do things differently. We don’t even put the same amount of weight on as pregnant women and some people lose weight a lot easier than others.

It’s easy to look at the glamorous celebrity mums who stayed super skinny throughout their pregnancy, just a small little bump at the front, and then sport a bikini seemingly the week after giving birth and feel down about yourself as a mum when you compare yourself unfairly.

We must remind ourselves that it s very damaging and unrealistic to compare ourselves to others, especially celebrities.

We should instead be celebrating every single step of our own journey and each and every achievement we have on our journey to a healthier version of ourselves.

Each and every weight loss goal you make whether it is a single kilo or 30 is to celebrated because it is you achieving something great indeed.

Embrace your own success’s, embrace your health.

 Make yourself important.

You are important to your family so you should be important to yourself also.
As mums we can put such passion and care into caring for our family and then none for ourselves. We can even feel guilty at the mere thought of spending some time on ourselves but if we don’t look after ourselves, if we don’t make at least a tiny portion of most days just about us we can risk burning out.

We need to appreciate the beautiful and special woman inside us and then take care of her. Make her important because a healthy, energised, active mum who exercises and eats a healthy diet for her health is a vibrant mum able to give her family the very best of herself.

 Make it fun.

As we are all so different so we all have different likes and interests so you can’t expect the same types of exercise to interest everybody long term. Try lots of different things until you find what you really enjoy and you will find yourself wanting to do it often.

Why not try netball, taekwondo, tennis, bush walking, running, swimming, pram walking, a mum’s exercise group.

The same applies to healthy food, try different recipes, source fresh ingredients, look at what you can add to your diet instead of focusing on what you can’t eat.

Inspire yourself

Nothing motivates like inspiration. Read inspiring books, listen to inspiring music, watch inspiring television and surround yourself with inspirational quotes and inspiring people. We should be looking to down to earth mum role models, sporting mums, fitness experts and trainers and real life weight loss stories to inspire ourselves to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Follow your inspiration...

The more healthy choices you make, the more you’ll find you actually want to make.

The more exercise you do, the more you’ll find you can do and the more you’ll actually want to do!

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