Finalist in the 2011 Mumpreneur Awards!

I am REALLY excited to share that I am a finalist in the 2011 Connect2Mums Mumpreneur Awards with my inspirational book for mums, The Pram Diet!!

The Mumpreneur awards are such an exciting way to celebrate the ever growing community of mums forging ahead in creative and business pursuits.

As a Mumpreneur and Author I am thrilled to be recognized, first as a nominee and now as a finalist! It is such an honour and means so much!

At first I was so touched that I wasn't sure if an author could be a Mumpreneur, but then I realised well yes actually I am, and actually I am really proud to be too. I decided to own it, that yes, I actually am and it's ok for me to be proud of my book. It's ok to be excited about my own achievements. Achievements I have reached because I wanted to help other mothers. YES I am a Mumpreneur! I created a beautiful book after all. Written during my then baby daughter's naps, often at the expense of the housework!
I had filled those pages with passion, with heartfelt passages to soothe, inspire and help other mothers. I had actually created and designed a product that was a tool for mothers. A product they could turn to for help, pick up and read if they were feeling down, use as a guide to make healthy changes for themselves and their family
Healthy changes and healthy weight loss that come from making good healthy choices like bringing fresh ingredients into your life, growing your own organic vegetables as a family and learning to respect and nurture yourself. Real life weight loss that doesn't come from skipping meals or following quick fix fads but real inspiration for real healthy weight loss that comes from looking after the whole person that is the woman behind the mother.My book was called "An important resource for women" by Queen land Women's Health and has received so many touching comments and feedback from many beautiful women who have read it and then shared these with me.

I am proud of my book and I am proud of how it has brought me the opportunities to meet and connect with other mothers and health organizations, giving me the chance to speak at events, launches, Council health programs and even at more remote out of the way places to women who really appreciated me coming all that way to share my story and inspiration.

I am smiling as I write this because I do realise that I love what I do. I love helping mums. I love being a mum. I love my book, The Pram Diet. I love my second book, Motivated Mum which will be available later on and I love being a MUMPRENEUR!!

You can now support me and my book by VOTING for me in the Connect2Mums Awards!!

Click on this link-HERE
SIGN UP to the website (only takes a second-promise)
WAIT for the email confirmation of membership ( only members can vote )
CLICK on the link again and

LIKE under my nomination photo
( the number of votes should go up!)
then feel the wave of thank you love from me! xxxxx :)
As a SPECIAL THANK YOU for going through that effort I will be giving away a signed copy of my book ! To be in the running you need to:

Leave a comment here on this post with your name &/or facebook details so I can let you know if your the winner!! That's it!!
REMEMBER you do not have to vote for me to enter this competition! This is just to celebrate the excitement of the Mumpreneurs Awards xxx

Please note as per facebook rules I cannot name the winner there or put much of this there either so you will need to check this blog after the 28th August to see if your a winner or alternatively sign up by email to this blog and you will knwo when I post a blog announcing the winner

From one very happy mum,

Rebecca xxxx


  1. Congrats Rebecca. I voted for you. Hope you do really well :))
    PS Love your new look page :))

  2. How exciting! Congratulations xx

  3. Thank you Karen! And thank you so much for voting for me, every vote really counts in the Mumpreneur awards :)

    Thanks so much Michelle!! I am so excited to be a finalist!! Could very easily squeal hehe :0

  4. Just followed your book fb page.

    Will vote, too. I don't need to be considered for a copy of the book, I'd rather it go to a young mom. Although, I do have a daughter getting married in January. We might need it in a couple of years :)

  5. Voted. I am a relatively new author, too, and authors have to help each other out. Good luck!

  6. Great blog!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lola x

  7. And the winner is...Michelle!
    Congratulations send me your postal details to rebeccapramdiet(at)hotmail(dot)com!
    Rebecca xx


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