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Sharing the amazing feedback from reader 
Cathryn Goldstone about The Pram Diet Book

"Hi Rebecca, Just wanted to say a quick thank you for writing such a inspirational book, I am only half way through and try and find 5 minutes a day between looking after a newborn and my 6yr old son to read your book and bring me back to reality. I have taken your tips on stress and have copied and printed them and they stick proudly my fridge for when time feels a little stressful! Also have made a wee reminder which sticks in my wardrobe with positive "I am..."and " Whats important to me in my life right now..." messages to look at everymorning to remind me how lucky I am. I am now a daily pram walker and it gives me peace and refreshes my mind. Thank you so much for your help you have changed my post baby life, without The Pram Diet I know I would be so miserable!"

As a writer you feel like a part of you is in your book. You have put so much of yourself into writing each chapter, each page, each sentence that when you receive feedback like this it warms your heart and rekindles in you the inspiration that drove you to write your book and the passion to share your story.
For me I wrote the pram diet because I really want to help other mothers and reading Cathryn's words moved me and reminded me why I wrote the book all over again.

Thank you so much Cathryn!

Rebecca xx

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I love that you found yourself on my blog!
Thank you reading.
Have a gorgeous day!

Rebecca X

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