Kids in the garden

There is something so wonderful about children in the garden.                                               The garden can be a neverending source of learning, joy and wonder. A place to discover amazing insects, pick and eat fruits, herbs and vegetables and marvel at all the amazing things to see, eat, feel and smell.

From veggie gardens to cacti and succulent gardens. Herb gardens to fairy gardens. Pot plant gardens on a balcony, hanging baskets of strawberries and herbs, fruit tree forests, amazing landscaping to sensory gardens. There is a garden to capture everyone's heart.

Gardens really are as unique as their creators and only limited by imagination.

Gardening teaches children the rewards of responsibility, patience, teamwork and to care about the natural world around them while showing them what an exciting and fun filled place to be the garden really is. Just like a live science lesson.

The home garden can also be a fantastic source of ingredients, saving you money on your grocery bills and providing you with the fresh ingredients that make home made meals come alive.

Having fresh produce on hand is great inspiration to try new recipes, cook more and eat more healthily.

When you look after a home garden as a family it becomes a beautiful bonding experience that creates memories that last a lifetime and gives children so much more understanding about food, where it come from and what it goes through before making it to the dinner plate.

And the very best bit of all...Children really enjoy eating fruits and vegetables that they themselves helped to grow and harvest. THEY REALLY DO!

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  1. We are getting our yard ready to start our very first vegetable gardens, we are about to start germinating our seeds. The girls are so excited!

  2. That's fantastic! My Lily loves growing veges so much, it is such an amazing experience for kids!I'm sure your girls will really love it x

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for your comment on my seedling post with the squirrel and birds.

    Yes, gardening with children is fun and good for them.

    Our grandson turned 3 in January, and this will be his 3rd season helping pick tomatoes and such. I have a nice sized vegetable garden across the street that does not get quite as much sun as it should, but we get a few things out of it. We have our grandson on Saturdays, and today was the first day warm enough to go dig and do a little clean up of some evergreen branches that were on some perennial geraniums. When we first went out, he asked if we were going to pick tomatoes. He has such an awesome memory! He took a couple shovels, and I showed him where he could dig. At one point, he said he was digging for worms. I helped him go a bit deeper, but we didn't see any. Maybe it was a bit too cool for them. I am looking forward to gardening with him again. Maybe he'll eat the tomatoes and such this year instead of spitting them out, and saying, "yuck!"

  4. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for your comment!
    Your grandson sounds adorable. Worms and garden critters really bring it all to life for them don't they!
    My daughter (now 5) has enjoyed gardening so much and has a really healthy diet because its made veges fun!
    I'm sure these will be wonderful memories that will stay with him for life =)


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