The Australian Spirit & Author's for Queensland Flood Appeal

The Australian Spirit and Author's for Queensland Flood Appeal
The Australian Spirit is something that is truly shining as we near our beloved Australia Day.

After the country has been devestated by horrific floods and what was so aptly called an 'inland tsunami' we have come together, through the tragedy and tears we have bonded with each other and we have shined as a nation with the Australian Spirit.

It can be difficult when you want to help so much and have already donated as much as your family can afford to know how else you can help which is why I was really impressed by the very inspirational Kate Gordon's bringing together of so many author's for the

Happening right now is this really exciting auction, just brimming with so many books.

I myself am really excited by this project and to have been able to donate two signed copies of my book in the auction. It really is such a great way to raise money for the flood victims in such a positive and productive way.

Drop by the auction site now before it ends, share it wth people you know and bid on some really exciting books and writing opportunities and support Author's supporting the Queensland Flood Appeal.

Together we can all help and we can make a difference...

Rebecca xx

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