I Will Do More. Getting active in fun ways in 2015

Dream it. Do it. Do more. I will do.
DO - it's a rather powerful word isn't it?

"Do or do not, there is no try." Yoda

The more you do, the more you can do, so the more you do."
The Pram Diet Book, Random House.

As 2014 is coming to a close and 2015 is just around the corner we are on the brink of that exciting time of year when we seem to find extra enthusiasm and determination. We set goals and dreams, we often start out the new year wanting to be healthier, fitter and often slimmer!
We think wistfully about sports and dancing done in youth, and ones we would love to try.

We plan on fun runs and marathons in the year ahead, we might decide to take up a sport or active hobby, climb certain mountains, run 5k, beat our own running times  - even compete in a sport.

The Australian Institute of Sport has long been a very highly regarded and respected institution and one I really respect; sport and being active is something I personally am very passionate about and think should be heavily encouraged for all children and also parents and adults too, as sport increases our physical activity level in a fun way and makes us healthier people.

Exercise improves your health, helps prevent disease, helps you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, boosts mood, reduces stress, helps ease and prevent depression and has a very important link to reduced Post Natal Depression and also easing PND symptoms. For me exercise was key to getting through and then over my PND, and also boosting my self esteem and confidence and general overall happiness - something so important for us mums.

I also loved the way exercise empowered me and gave me goals and challenged me. I was so proud that I was able to go from not exercising at all, to walking my pram around the block to eventually jogging with the pram 8 km a day! And lost over 30 kilo's in the process.
We all have it in us to be active and find ways of doing it that are fun, exciting and challenging to us.

"DO: MORE is a philosophy, a rallying cry for those who want to devour life and all that it brings. It is a motivator for the doers of this world and a reminder to us all that we should maximize every moment, commit to those things that move us and pursue our passions with an unrelenting hunger."

 The I will do campaign is a new and exciting way to help Australians achieve their fitness goals through the help of the Australian Institute of Sports and Rexona sports ambassadors.
In this campaign everyday Australians will have access to information and articles written by the AIS normally only reserved for professional athletes.

Next year, for me, I will do more by trying a sports class like either tap dancing or ballroom dancing, or maybe go back to my past love of boxing and taekwondo. Something fun, active, challenging and just for me!
I am planning on pushing myself to do more and have fun doing it too and with tools and tips like the I will do campaign I am sure I will get there!

What is your fitness goals for next year?
What is something you would love to do? Or have done?
Is there a sport you would like to try? Maybe you would love to do a fun run!

Live Well. Be Active. Eat Beautiful, Stay Calm. Be Happy.

Bek XX

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The Power of Juicing for a Healthy, Happy Life

Juicing has to be one of the most exciting elements I have added into mine and my children's lives.
I had always heard amazing benefits of juicing and its ability to heal our bodies...but I only ever had the odd juice.

Then one day in a moment that felt like synchronicity during a period of stress an ill health I happened across Joe Cross's documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead  and the whole world went quiet as I watched. Not something that happens very often when you have 2 kids and one is a young, toddler!
I was just totally captivated and inspired by it.

It was living, filmed proof off the power of juicing for a healthy, happy life.
Not just beautiful, juices are life energy in a glass.
Juicing is this incredible way we can give our bodies amazing healing and heath boosting nutrition in a way our bodies can access incredibly fast with little effort.
What are some of the benefits if juicing?
  • Weight loss.
  • Increased Energy.
  • Immune boosting. Our immune system is our own personal army and defence system, anything we can do to support it and protect it is .
  • Drastically increases your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables easily which is always a great thing!
  • Liver Cleansing and Support. Your liver is such an important part of your body. Your liver cleans your blood and removes harmful and dangerous toxins from your body, you need it in a really great healthy state. The sad thing is they say it is actually quite common for a large proportion of us all to have fatty deposits and livers not in the best state, and this is not a good thing at all. Plus giving your liver a detox improves general wellbeing and even improves your skin in so many ways and helps skin conditions like acne.
  • Lusher hair. Due to all the nutrients it is said that juicing can improve hair growth and condition. 
  • Digestion. Due to the fact that juicing gives your body a large amount of nutrients while your digestive system has to do little work this is amazing for resting your digestive system and allowing it to heal and look after itself, which is so beneficial for everyone and especially anyone with an autoimmune disease, bowel or digestive issues. 
  • Cancer fighting abilities. Due to the extreme amount of antioxidants juicing is said to help prevent and fight cancer, so it is enormous benefit to everyone. There is amazing research out there on this field alone.
  • Cold and flu fighting. Due to all the nutrients in a powerful raw easy to access formula juicing is an incredible way to help your body and immune system fight off all sorts of colds, flu's and bugs.
If you have kids juices are a fantastic and easy, fun way to get a big does of vegetables into the kids!!

This Christmas and with the new, fresh year coming up upon us I think one of the best investments we can make for our family and our own health is actually fresh homemade juices using something like the Vitality 4 Lifes Juicers. I use my juicer so often it s honestly one of the best investments I ever made in my home and for my health too.
 I also make small juices in glass bottles for the kids to take to school sometimes and I just love the feeling of giving them a juice with their breakfast in the school morning, or after school on the way to sports or dance knowing what a powerful does of nutrients their bodies are getting.

Plus if your keen to get Summer beach body ready then juicing is your new friend! It can help you drop dress sizes, reduce bloating and clear up skin so you can GLOW this Summer!

We have a few favourite juice recipes but this beautiful, rich Healthy, Happy Life juice is a current favourite!
A Healthy, Happy Life Juice
2 cups chopped watermelon
1 large beetroot
1 &1/2 cups fresh green kale
1/2 large cucumber
1/2 cup baby spinach greens
1 red apple
1 green apple
4 long stalks celery
  • I juice the beetroot, watermelon and red apple together.
  • Then I juice the kale, spinach, cucumber, green apple and celery.
  • In serving glasses I pour some of the red juice then top with some of the green and while it ends up dark you get this lovely swirling effect of the two colours on top, which adds to decorative effect - not essential you can absolutely just juice it all together of course!
Toddler Tips
  • I purposely left the ginger out of this one as my kids often find ginger in a juice just too much, sometimes you can hide it but it is nice to have some juice recipes that are ginger free for them too.
  • I highly recommend letting the kids make the juices with you!! Kids love putting the fruits and veggies in and turning them to liquid and this fun element means they are going to be excited about trying them
  • If kids, especially older kids are new to juicing, you will want to start with extra fruit in there like apples and then slowly reduce the fruit and increase the veggies over time.
  • For an extra anti inflammatory effect you can add a little fresh turmeric.
  • Make yourself a large batch and keep one in the fridge for an afternoon pick me up.
This is a sponsored post with a fantastic company called Vitality4Life, "Vital ingredients for a healthy home and environment." Check them out for juicers, dehydrators and more!
To help you bring the power of juicing for a healthy, happy life into your life we are giving you the chance to WIN $50!!
To enter simply:
Simply comment below what kinds of fruits and/or vegetables you like to juice and the most creative answer selected wins the prize!
NOTE: you must leave a comment to be eligible.
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