Bek's Chocolate Wrap Up. Healthy & Moorish Chocolate Easter Ideas From The Vault

Happy Easter everyone!
I hope it is safe, joyous and delicious for all.

For me I love Easter and the wonderful thing is you can enjoy and celebrate all things chocolate without gain 3 kilo's, truly you can! Easter, to me is about family and friends, good food, a celebartion and of course, chocolate.

But if your going to enjoy some delicious chocolate why not make it beautiful home-made your body will love and you wont have to run off for several weeks!

On the Sunshine Coast we also have the delight of the Easter weekend Kenilworth Cheese Festival complete with a kids "cheese hunt" as apposed to an egg hunt, cheese rolling ( a lot of fun!), cheese factory taste testing, wine taste testing and numerous gourmet and interesting stalls to delight. a pleasant way to spend Easter Sunday and a savoury break!

Looking for some delicious, healthy chocolate inspiration?

Bek's chocolate wrap
 (gluten free, dairy free, vegan, refined sugar free)
Moorish Fruit & Nut Chocolate Slice(gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegan)
Raw Energy Date, Pecan, Macadamia Chocolate SliceGluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Raw, Refined Sugar Fee
Chocolate Raspberry, Goji SliceGluten Free, Dairy Free, Almost Raw, Vegan, Refined Sugar Free
Blissed Out Banana Split with Chocolate Sauce & Coconut Ice Cream(Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free, Vegan, Almost Raw, Refined Sugar Free)
And this I had to add in even though it is not my recipe, this unbelievably scrumptious creation is based on a recipe by Nutra Organics found on Natural New Age Mum, and has fast become a staple at our house for a delicious, easy to whip up in just moments treat!
Get the NNAM sensational original recipe post HERE
(plus you REALLY need to follow that blog it is beyond awesome!)
Nutra Organics Superfood Choccy Fudge My tweaked version is:
1 cup coconut oil, runny room temperature
1 cup organic rice malt syrup  (I often use less as we don't like it too sweet)
6 tablespoons cacao powder
2 heaped tablespoons Nutra Organics Super Greens Plus Reds (oh yeah all that goodness!)
2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste
*1/2 teaspoon pink himalayn salt 
*1/2 cup sunflower seed butter
*1/2 cup sunflower seeds
*1/2 organic raisins
*1/2 cup walnuts
*1/2 cup whatever I feel like adding, could be dried figs, prunes, macadamia's, peppita seeds etc
Sooo yum!
I mix the coconut oil and rice malt, then add cacao and greens powder and salt, then paste, then mix all well.
pop in a lined tray and put in the fridge until set, remove, slice, return and store to fridge, putting on a high shelf otherwise your kids will slowly but surely shorten your supply when you are not looking!
If you are REALLY desperate for a choccy fix, like need right now and I "may" have done this, you can set it super fast in the freezer hehehe! 

Happy Cooking!
Eat beautiful, be active, live well, be happy

Grow Your Own Smoothie Greens and Super Charge Your Health

Beautiful days are perfect inspiration to get outdoors, go for big walks, swim, run, hit the gym.
but when the cooler weather starts to hit, the rainy days and the chilly mornings can lend to us swapping sneakers for sleep ins, gym visits for snuggles on the couch with dvd's and letting some of those exercise routines slip a little, sometimes even a lot! And then throw a few Winter bugs into the mix like the odd cold, cough and flu and you can really lose your fitness mojo..
But Winter is the best time to actually ramp up your fitness and health levels and best of all being fit, strong and healthy is your best defense against all the bugs that get around that time of year, and if your a busy mum like me - you know, you just don't have time to get sick!

So how is my family SuperCharging our health and fitness?
Well Australian Fitness Week is 7th to 13th April and there is inspiration all around you like Fitness First's pay as you go flexible gym plans, free twighlight bootcamps in the city (fun!) and a 1 day guest pass so you can try before you buy, which is such a fantastic idea.

We will eat well and exercise every day. For me using weights will be much more of a priority. We are making our health important. We have also pledged as a family to do something energetic and fun every weekend on top of daily exercise, yes, even if it raining!
Think climb a mountain, long waterfall trek's, canoeing, surfing, dancing, yoga, maybe an outdoor bootcamp!

AND thanks to the ever inspiring Fitness First we are inspiring ourselves to have a green smoothie or green juice EVERY DAY by growing our own organic smoothie greens!

So much easier than you think, and so rewarding!
As a horticulturalist I can tell you growing your own beautiful, organic produce is one of the most exciting things in life. I firmly believe the reason both my kids with very different personalities both love all their veggies and are not fussy eaters is because they have grown up with lovely fresh produce all around them and gardens they can pick and eat from.

This school holidays thanks to Fitness First's inspiration we set about creating a very special garden.
A smoothie greens garden!So there will always be plenty of green, organic goodies to supercharge our life.
WHY are greens so good?
They are alkalizing, they are full of iron and vitamins for our bodies and minds.
They supercharge your health and boost your fitness energy!!

We wanted to make it a garden that any family, anywhere in Australia could do also.
So we chose a self watering, leak proof affordable planting tub from Bunnings.
One that is neat and tidy to look at, user friendly, size friendly so even if you only have a small balcony in the city you can fit one in and practical and of course doesn't cost a fortune!
(You can also find these at hardware stores and nurseries. Look for one that has a removable water tray underneath so you can clean the tray if need be and also so it wont make a mess on your veranda or balcony with water stains.
TIP Pick just the right spot, most vegetables and a lot of herbs require at least 6 hours of strong, full sunlight to grow well. Not enough sun and they will be weak, grow strangely and be prone to pests and diseases.
Then just like a good cake mix load yourself up with gorgeous goodies for your garden.
TIP a successful garden relies hugely on the soil/potting mix, never scrimp on this part of gardening. Underrating soil will mean weaker plants, plants prone to pests and diseases, soil that dries out too quickly and a huge array of problems. A good mix is worth every cent!
So what kinds of things did we add into our garden?
The garden was 120 L, we used
  • Brunnings All Natural Garden soil (60 litre)
  • Richgro organic compost (25 litre)
  • Dynamic Lifter (as directed on packet)
  • Coir Peat  x 2 bricks (you buy this in a compressed block for under $3, add water and it swells up, lots of fun for the kids this part - we use this peat and not actual peat moss as peat is an limited resource so we try not to use it)
We mix these together like a big giant cake mix making a beautiful custom blend.
This is one of the mist fun arts for the kids and is also a very grounding exercise for us busy mums too, studies show too that toiling in fresh dirt actually has anti depressant effects.

After filling the tub with a beautiful, rich mixture we get the seedlings ready by gently soaking them in a weak solution of seasol (my favourite fertilizer) for around 10 minutes. This will help give them strength, nutrients and a real boost to take to their new surroundings.
Then you get to give the little health packed plants a home. Remember to always space them well, you don't want overcrowd them or have taller growing plants shadowing out the littler ones.
TIP I always recommend planting some companion planting herbs and flowers amongst your vegetables, they help deter pests and make plantings smell great and look attractive too. Trust me if your little veggie pot has pretty flowers around the edge, smells amazing as water hits the herbs amongst them you truly will find yourself more likely to spend time looking after it and watering it regularly and therefore getting so much more success out of it.
In our little smoothie greens patch we have included marigiolds which are fantastic for repelling nematodes and also chives and garlic chives to deter all the green leaf munching pests!
Give the whole lot a nice slow, deep drink.
And then tuck all the plants in with a good mulch, I recommend an organic sugar cane mulch.
Sugar cane mulch is excellent at retaining moisture, breaks down quite rapidly adding organic matter and nitrogen to the soil and increases microbial activity. All helping give you strong, healthy plants.
Finish with another drink make sure all the plants are upright and stable in their little spots, or tucking them in as my youngest called it!
Maintenance keep them healthy with regularly watering and once a week seasol treatments to start off with, dropping down to every 2 weeks once the seedlings have established. Keep your garden growing organic and strong, remove bugs by hand, use organic natural sprays if and only when necessary.
*Remember just because it's natural doesn't always mean it is safe or non toxic as well and you will often kill off all your good bugs as well.
TIP  get the kids involved with the whole process and especially harvesting for and then making green smoothies and they will fall in love with the whole process and you will have the added pleasure of knowing you are giving them amazing healthy life-skills and an incredible learning experience.

How will you #superchargeyourhealth ?

If you make your own smoothie greens garden I'd love to see it! Share your pics on my Facebook page

Be well, be happy, eat beautiful and be active.
Love Bek XX
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